Meet Your Agent

Stephen Menges

Stephen Menges is THE INNOVATIVE Business Broker for Sellers in the New Normal, post-recession economy and he is poised to help you get the maximum value possible for your business.

With twenty five+ years experience in deal-making, marketing strategy, business development, and sales leadership, his UNIQUE- Business Brokers skills were proven out during his fifteen year background as an ROI based Sales Growth & Risk Consultant for Fortune 500 Banking Industry Clients, post the 2008 Credit Crisis.

Stephen’s continuous annual top rated performance accolades catapulted him as an industry leader, combined with his small business ownership-entrepreneurship background, uniquely differentiate him in an old-school world of business brokerage, in need of a face-lift.

Stephen has an innovative, demand-creation- marketing approach that provides a major-competitive edge for his Seller Clients both domestically and internationally. He introduces Sellers’​ opportunities to the best profiled- Buyer Prospects, many whom have not yet considered purchasing a company for sale, and creates demand.

This is unique, as traditional business brokers only market online to buyer prospects who are already in acquisition mode, and simply blast out the Seller listing on business listing websites. This offers a non-tapped- lucrative universe of prospects that old school brokers don’t talk to, and This advanced technique is the difference in getting your opportunity in front of the best Purchase Buyer Prospects, at potential maximum value for your Business!