Selling Your Business

Making the decision to sell your business should not be taken lightly. There are many aspects of the business sale process that you should address before listing your business for sale.


KEYs In a Business Sale


  • Confidentiality: You must keep everything related to the sale, including the fact that it is for sale confidential. 
  • Valuation: If your business is valued and priced right, it will sell. If not it may be overlooked by hundreds of qualified buyers.
  • Quality representation: You should develop a team of professional advisors that can support you through the sale.
  • Understanding of the process: The selling of a business is a very complex process, it can be very trying and stressful.
  • Continuing to run your business: Your business must continue to run, at the optimum level, during the sale process.


Our business brokers in Denver can help you through the process of selling your business. Transworld is the world's largest business brokerage with over 70 offices and 300+ agents. With our 35 years of experience, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry and in our on communities. 

Some things that make Transworld a bit different: 

  • Confidentialtiy is our number one priority
  • We are professional, full-time business brokers. We help you sell your business, so you can run your business.
  • Our internal database includes thousands of qualified buyers including individuals, corporations, and Private Equity firms.
  • We qualify every buyer for your business before presenting information. 
  • We work together with other Transworld agents as well as other Colorado business brokers.
  • We make sure your business is priced correctly to sell.
  • We spend more money on advertising than anyone in our industry in order to get your business sold.

Many of our business brokers have owned their own businesses in the past and have even been through this process themselves. If you would like to discuss selling a business in Denver further with one of our qualified agents, please contact us for a complimentary consultation to see if we might be a fit to work together.