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Cory Marchasin is a dynamic entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in start-ups and business development. He has tenure as both a COO, and a CEO and he has driven venture growth from a single employee to 100’s , raising more than $10M in investment capital and closing over $100M in business along the way.

Cory's expertise spans business development, marketing, technology, automation, financial planning, business process refinement, and contract negotiation. His diverse industry experience includes Venture Capital, food and beverage, retail, and SaaS companies, making him a versatile advisor. With a unique blend of philosophical insight and tech-savvy, Cory excels at transforming challenges into opportunities and streamlining complex processes.

Over the past decade, Cory has served as a trusted business advisor and executive coach across dozens of sectors, guiding numerous businesses through growth and exit strategies. His personal entrepreneurial experience from seed stage to exits gives him a deep understanding of both the practical and emotional aspects of scaling and selling businesses.

Cory is committed to building strong relationships and delivering exceptional outcomes for his clients. He views every interaction as an opportunity to nourish and serve, believing that human connections are a person's most valuable asset.

This dedication to service, combined with his extensive experience, makes him a sought-after advisor. Honored as the 2016 Future 50 NJ Smart CEO of the Year, Cory continues to leverage his knowledge to help clients navigate the complexities of business growth and exit strategies. Now focused on the New Mexico and Southwest business community, Cory brings his passion and expertise to Transworld as a Senior Business Advisor. Cory lives in Taos, NM, with his fiancée and three dogs. He is dedicated to contributing to the local business landscape and enjoys the unique culture and natural beauty of his home state.

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