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A Unique Destination For Exotic Holidays

The Portland Japanese Garden is an ancient Japanese garden occupying only 12 acres, situated in Washington Park on the west side of Portland, Oregon. It is run by an organization that is non-profit, which purchased the parkland in the early 1960s from the city. They were interested in using it for an educational and cultural center but then decided to transform it into a beautiful garden with a wonderful, unique atmosphere. When the space became available, it was already under contract to house the museum of natural history. After the purchase of the parkland and construction was completed, the gardens were opened to the public. Visit this link for more information.


It is an open space surrounded by beautiful natural beauty and a dramatic setting. The landscape includes a number of large trees, a variety of ferns, and beautiful flower plants, which are planted in a natural manner. This garden features many small gardens that feature various plants and flowers, which are arranged in various ways, and each is carefully planned, created, and maintained to create an appealing, pleasant place of leisure for all visitors. Visitors can relax, enjoy and rejuvenate in this garden, or use it for any other purpose they choose. Read about Why Should You Stop by the Portland Saturday Market? Here.



The gardens are an excellent place to observe the natural beauty and are well suited to learn more about the culture and customs of the Pakistani people. The gardens are free to enter and are located on the grounds of the museum of natural history, so there are many opportunities for you to take advantage of while visiting. As you are exploring the gardens, you will see how they are carefully maintained, and the landscaping project has been designed to give you an amazing view of the natural and cultural features of Pakistan and India. The gardens are truly magnificent and offer a great place for relaxation and enjoyment.