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Explore The Beauty of Raleigh Hills, Oregon

The Raleigh Hills, Oregon, USA is one of the finest communities in Oregon. It's also one of the most beautiful communities in Oregon with the highest quality of life for residents and their families. It has been designated as a census-designated place and urban neighborhood by the City of Portland. It is located in north-central Oregon's metro area of Raleigh Hills, in the northeast part of the city near the towns of Vancouver, Ashland, and Ashford. It's located just north of Vancouver in a scenic mountain valley surrounded by forested mountains. It was first developed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in the early 1970's. Information can be found here.


It is an extremely high quality community that has a very high quality of life for residents and their families. There is lots to do in this community and there are plenty of recreational opportunities to keep residents and their families busy. The neighborhoods are vibrant with activities and recreation opportunities including sports and recreational activities, hiking, biking, fishing, and hunting, boating, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, and more. There are also a number of community centers where residents can gather for activities and socialize. See here for information about West Haven-Sylvan, Oregon - One of the Finest Suburbs on the Pacific Coast.



Raleigh Hills, Oregon, USA is also known for being a center for higher education as it is home to several state schools and colleges, such as Portland Community College, Washington State University, and Oregon State University. There are also vocational and technical schools in the area that are a great benefit for the region's economy and employment opportunities. This community is also known for its excellent schools and education systems that ensure students have access to a quality education.

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