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Get Away From It All With a Visit to West Slope, Oregon

West Slope, Oregon, USA, is a municipality incorporated in the city of Grants Pass, Oregon. It is a suburb of the Portland, Oregon, area and a census-designated area. It is located to the north of U.S. Highway 26 and on the east side of Grant's Pass, near the Columbia River. West Slope was named for the location of its original home, which is on the slope of the Slab Creek. As with any suburb in Portland, it is one of the most densely populated parts of town. There are many people that live in West Slope, such as professionals, retired people, and single people looking for a quieter place to live. West Slope, Oregon, USA, also has a very high concentration of elderly people because of the large number of hospitals and nursing homes located there. Learn more here.


The Slite Street Greenway is a walking and biking trail that runs through the center of West Slope, Oregon, USA. It runs through downtown Grants Pass, just north of Umatilla County, and is close to a number of parks. There is a bridge that spans from Portland to Grants Pass across the Slite Street Greenway. The bridge has two parking lots with many benches and a playground. Learn more about What to See in Cedar Hills, Oregon, USA.



One of the best things about the Slite Street Greenway is that it is a completely free trail for the public. The trail can be enjoyed by anyone no matter their ability level, as you will see numerous easy grade switchbacks that make the path easy for walkers and mountain bikers. You will also find small groves of trees along the way to provide shade and give you a nice place to stop and take a break from the sun and traffic. If you want to enjoy the Slite Street Greenway more than you do, you may wish to consider joining one of the guided walking tours offered by the local park district. These tours allow you to learn more about the history of West Slope and learn how to use the trails to your benefit.


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