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Oregon Historical Society Programs

The Oregon Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that encourages and promotes the search and knowledge of the history of the Oregon Country, in the larger context of U.S. national history. There are many programs available for the public to pursue, in hopes of improving their understanding and appreciation of our nation's rich heritage. These programs range from individual workshops and one-on-one conferences to a wide variety of seminars, lectures, and educational programs which can be found at many different venues throughout the state. For those individuals who may not have had the opportunity to attend any of these events, there are also a number of online resources that can be used in conjunction with these historical programs to enhance an individual's overall understanding and appreciation of the past. See more here.


One of the most popular and well-known historical organizations of Oregon is the Oregon Historical Society, an organization that was founded by Senator Frank Church in the year 1916. They have since grown and developed to become a highly respected and popular museum located in Portland. This museum has been instrumental in preserving Oregon's history for the benefit of those who would like to know more about our past, as well as the future. These programs offer information and resources on a variety of interesting aspects of Oregon history, which allow anyone with a genuine interest and knowledge of this area to pursue and gain further knowledge of this important part of Oregon's rich past. See here for information about About the Pittocks Mansion.



Those who are considering taking up a particular program offered by the Oregon Historical Society may want to consider taking a course that focuses on certain areas of this state's rich history. Programs such as these are offered in both an individual and group format, so anyone interested in taking up a program of this nature can take advantage of these programs to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of Oregon's past. While many programs available through the OHS focus on certain areas of Oregon history, some focus on a more localized topic. For example, one program which offers information on the history of Mount Hood offers a wide variety of topics regarding this mountain which can be considered both local and regional. This type of program can help to give individuals an opportunity to find out about events that have occurred in various places around the state and the region surrounding the area. These programs are usually designed so that anyone interested in taking up and participating can learn the history in its entirety, as well as gaining knowledge on the various aspects of its development as well.