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Reasons Why You Should Have a Vacation in Oak Grove, Oregon

Oak Grove, Oregon, USA is a rural community located in the city of Clackamas County, near Tigard. Located on U.S. Route 20 in the northwest corner of Oregon's third largest city, it is also served by the U.S. Mail and the Oregon Railroad. Oak Grove is an unrecognized unincorporated community within the Portland metro area. For statistical purposes, the U.S. Census Bureau has designated Oak Grove as an unincorporated city. The area is bounded by the Oregon-California state line west of Highway 20 and south to the Pacific Ocean. More about Portland, OR can be seen here.


The town of Oak Grove, Oregon, USA was incorporated in 1970 and is now home to more than 1,100 residents. Its main attractions include an amusement park, a historic park, a small airport, a shopping center, a golf course, a baseball diamond, and an old-growth forest. The town also boasts a popular music venue, a recording studio, and an ice cream parlor. Oak Grove also has a small grocery store and two restaurants: a Chinese restaurant and a Mexican restaurant. Other businesses include a car wash and a dry-cleaning business. Click here to read about Explore The Beauty of Raleigh Hills, Oregon.



The community of Oak Grove, Oregon is also home to a golf course, baseball diamond, soccer field, and tennis courts. The community of Oak Hills also has a basketball court and a swimming pool. This is where many of the families in the community go to hang out and have fun. The community is also known for its high school baseball and softball teams. There are many activities and sports for children. The Oak Grove school district also offers a lot of different things for children to do.


Because Oak Grove, Oregon, USA is an unrecognized city, it does not have an official government. The closest city hall is the city hall, located in Tigard. The nearest police department is the Clackamas Town Hall, which is located in Tigard. If a resident needs assistance outside of the city limits, he or she may call the police station in Portland. In addition, residents may call the City Clerk in Portland if they need assistance accessing government services such as city maps and tax information.

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