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The Beauty Of The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens

The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens is an excellent outdoor botanical garden situated between the Eastmoreland Greenway and Reed College in Southeast Portland, Oregon. This garden features a series of ponds, fountains, ferns, and a wooded parkland area that are designed for relaxing in nature. You can sit on the lawn or walk through the beautiful parkland and enjoy the view of the mountains in the background. A bridge leads you over the Crystal Springs River, which is very calm and clean. You can find the garden in all seasons and it is not too expensive to get into. You do not have to worry about the weather, as the gardens are designed to keep the plants alive and healthy. Click here for facts about Portland, OR.


Rhododendron plants are beautiful flowers that thrive in dry conditions. Some of the plants are native to Asia and these include the Japanese Knotweed and the Chinese Evergreen. You will also find some exotic varieties like the African Butterfly's Claw and the Red Sea Cherry Blossom. Other plants that are native to North America include the Chinese Juniper and the Pacific Yew. If you prefer not to use a lot of water, then you may want to go for a small pond filled with rocks, small logs, and a small waterfall. Your children will love the opportunity to take a walk in nature with you, and they may even think that you are a real gardener. Click here to read about Oregon Historical Society Programs.



Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens has been featured in many publications and magazines. One article mentioned that this garden is perfect for the environmentally-conscious tourist, as it is designed to keep the garden green and beautiful year-round. Many families come to this garden to enjoy the beauty of nature without having to worry about maintenance and upkeep. You can get in touch with the gardening staff by calling them or visiting their website. If you are interested in planting trees or shrubs at this garden, you must check with the gardening staff first. This garden is considered a certified green building.