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The Portland Audubon Society

The Audubon Society of Oregon is an independent non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and eco-systems in Portland, Oregon. Our Mission is to bring about the meaningful impact on the environment through our volunteer and educational programs, by working to protect endangered species and their habitats, and by maintaining a positive public consciousness of the threats facing wildlife, plants, and wildlife. As a member of this conservation organization, you are helping the local community and your fellow citizens by helping to sustain a healthy wildlife habitat for future generations to enjoy. For people who enjoy bird watching and other forms of wildlife watching, this is a great place to go for bird watching tours in Portland. Further facts about  Portland, OR  can be found here.


There are many Audubon parks in Portland, including The Galapagos Islands National Park, Hwy 101 Bird Sanctuary, and the Skyline Park which are a park and playground for the entire family. These parks offer several ways that you can get involved in wildlife viewing and conservation, such as bird watching or hiking tours, kayaking, or water rafting. These tours can be arranged at any time, including spring and fall. There are also many private tour companies in the Portland area that offer tours of these parks as well. For bird-watching enthusiasts, there are also numerous events and workshops that you can participate in, which will help you learn more about how to protect our natural resources. Other activities can include camping, canoeing, fly fishing, biking, hiking, and other outdoor sports and activities. This organization believes that it is everyone's responsibility to care for nature. Information about A Unique Destination For Exotic Holidays can be found here.  



While joining the Portland Audubon Society, you will have access to a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to help with our conservation efforts. There are many volunteer opportunities that range from teaching campers how to identify birds from their calls, taking part in habitat surveys and more. You can also volunteer at local schools, churches, and other organizations. You can also help design and coordinate our wildlife tours as well. For more information about volunteering in the Portland Audubon Society, contact the Volunteer Office at (503) 590-1030.