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The Way of Living in Garden Home-Whitford, Oregon

Garden Home - Whitford, Oregon, USA is a census-designated area consisting of the areas of Whitford and the nearby neighborhoods of Gardens Home, Riverton, and Garden City in Washington County, Oregon. They are situated close to the west hills of Portland. According to the 2020 census, the population of the CDP was 6,939. The city of Portland has over nine and a half million residents and this area is home to many families and individuals with large families. See more here.


Garden home-whitford, Oregon, USA, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Portland and was originally designed as an agricultural community. These days, a lot of families in the area live in both commercial and residential properties, as well as owning their own homes. This area is known for its great schools and colleges including Northwest Technical and Community College, Corvallis College and Oregon State University, among others. You will find that this area also has some of the best places to play recreational sports such as baseball, basketball, softball, and more. There are also plenty of golf courses and tennis courts in this neighborhood. See here for information about Harmony Point, Oregon, USA - Relaxing Getaway.



The location of your choice will greatly depend on what you want to do and where you live. If you have plans of buying or selling real estate, then this area is ideal for your purposes. If you plan on living in this community, it would be ideal if you could settle there permanently, particularly if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet life. This area offers you all that you need to live a good lifestyle. With the beautiful natural environment, warm weather and a thriving economy, there is really no reason why you should not get settled in this area and enjoy the neighborhood's many facilities and attractions for years to come.

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