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Tilikum Crossing Bridge

Tilikum Crossing Bridge, the bridge of the people is a pedestrian cable-stayed span over the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, United State. It has been designed by TriMet, the Oregon metropolitan region's regional public transportation agency, for the new MAX Orange line light-rail commuter trains. As with all public transportation projects, Tilikum Bridge also has its critics.  Learn information about Portland, OR here.


Critics of Tilikum Bridge say that its design has not allowed enough room for bikes and pedestrians to move safely along the span as well as on the elevated viaduct which carries the Orange Line Light Rail Train. According to them, many accidents have occurred when cars have made left turns and entered the roadway while attempting to enter or exit the train. These cars have hit or pushed onto people and animals on the bridge, causing injuries. Other critics argue that if these incidents had occurred on an elevated viaduct, then the accident would have been much less severe, but some people have lost their lives. Others believe that TriMet is not willing to spend the money to redesign the viaduct because of budget constraints. Discover facts about Enjoy the Romance of a Witch's Castle in Portland.



However, proponents of Tilikum Bridge point out that in order to accommodate an orange line light rail train and the increased traffic that will occur in the area, the span must be longer than the current one. The extra length of the bridge will allow the Orange Line train to pass through without having to stop. This allows passengers on the train to get a better view of the river and reduce the risk of being struck by cars on the road below. It also prevents passengers from tripping on the railings and slipping off the bridge. Also, the increased traffic will make it harder for drivers to get onto the highway, thereby increasing the safety of those who use the highway. Ultimately, Tilikum Bridge is expecting to increase the value of the property surrounding the property by attracting more commuters and increasing property values.