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West Haven-Sylvan, Oregon - One of the Finest Suburbs on the Pacific Coast

The West Haven-Sylvan region of Oregon, located on the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway (Oregon's main interstates) in the central part of the state, is one of its largest cities. It is a thriving city with high-quality housing, schools, and businesses and offers a lot for all types of people. The economy in the city is also growing and has plenty of jobs available for everyone. The city has a lot of tourist attractions, but for those who prefer smaller cities, this is also a nice option. There are many things to do in West Haven-Sylvan, including some pretty wonderful natural sights that can make your trip worthwhile. Learn information about Portland, OR here.


West Haven-Sylvan, Oregon, is a suburb of Portland. The closest big city is Tigard, Oregon, which is an hour drive away, so residents of the area have easy access to Portland as well. It is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the entire United States. People move to the area to live in a relatively small city with an excellent school system and good employment opportunities. The average household income in the city is about thirty thousand dollars per year, which is considerably higher than average. This means that even though the city is small, there are still plenty of opportunities available for those looking for a place to call home. Discover facts about Get Away From It All With a Visit to West Slope, Oregon.



The main attraction in West Haven-sylvan, Oregon, is the Oregon Zoo. Visitors can find a number of great things to do in the area as well. The Pacific Northwest Railroad runs through the center of town, but visitors should not hesitate to take the train on their way to their final destination. The Oregon Historical Society offers guided tours around town, and the downtown area has lots of different restaurants to eat at. You will find plenty of retail stores and shopping centers throughout the city. The area also has a large number of hotels, and most of them are extremely affordable. West Haven-Sylvan, Oregon, is a great place to choose to live if you are looking for a place to raise a family.


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