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Ephraim Olson

Ephraim Olson J.D., LL.M. is an associate with the Utah office of Transworld Business Advisors, helping consult businesses with all aspects of a current or future sale.

Ephraim has a Juris Doctorate from Harvard and an LL.M (Masters of Law) in Taxation from NYU. Ephraim obtained his BA from BYU where he studied Mathematics and English. Ephraim has been helping businesses at all stages of their development, from idea and inception through the exit. Ephraim consults on business structure at the businesses' earliest stage, consults on businesses restructures midstream to take advantage of current or future tax benefits, and consults to facilitate an actual sale.

At Transworld Business Advisors, Ephraim helps businesses with all aspects of a future or current potential sale, including helping with valuations, review of tax structure, preparing a business for an exit, and helping facilitate the exit. Ephraim continues to consult with businesses at all stages of their growth from inception to exit.

Prior to joining Transworld Business Advisors, Ephraim consulted businesses on the legal aspects of exits and exit planning, with an emphasis on the tax considerations. Because of his work in structuring and consulting businesses on future and current exists, Ephraim has an education and training on exit tax considerations that is exceptional in Utah.

Ephraim is originally from Canada and enjoys spending time in the Utah outdoors. Ephraim also reads extensively, reading an average of a book a day.

Ephraim does not practice law in connection with his work for Transworld Business Advisors.

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