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Paul Forsberg

As a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) with Transworld I bring a unique set of professional and personal experience to bear for my clients, whether Seller or Buyer. I was fortunate to grow up overseas as an ex-Patriot American citizen and traveled extensively before attending the University of Arizona. Spending my formative years outside of this country has provided me with a keen insight into other cultures and what is important to people based on their background, culture, age, family make-up, and how these relate to a business sale or purchase. Selling or Buying is much more than a 'numbers game' - it is a decision that has consequences for each party involved. I make it my business to understand each party to a transaction so that they both realize their dreams, and I will put this to work for you.

After graduating from Arizona I drove a cab in New York to fund a 6-month adventure of world travel before begining my business career. I began selling Yellow Page advertising (yes, before the internet) and over the next 20 years worked my way up to senior management positions with Fortune 500 companies. My final position included global responsibility with an emphasis on strategy. While I had a great 'ride' I always had a burning desire to 'be in charge' and to be the 'ultimate decision maker'. In short, I spent 20 years preparing to start my own business. So I did.

I started my first business in late 2003, and grew it into a profitable firm which I disposed of in 2007. While I had planned to return to the 'corporate world' in 2008, the Great Recession had other plans for me. As there were no jobs to be had I pulled up my bootstraps and founded my next company. 8 years later I successfully sold that business and decided to relocate from Raleigh, North Carolina to Denver, Colorado. My background, formal corporate experience, ownership and sale of 2 businesses, gives me a unique skill set which I put to use for my clients. 

I welcome the opportunity to work with business owners who require a seasoned professional to guide them in the difficult process of selling their most important asset (after their family of course). I also love to work with Buyers who want to realize their dreams of buying their own business as well as existing businesses which seek to grow through acquisition. 

If you demand someone who will put your interests first, and work for you with a sense of urgency and purpose then I welcome your call. 

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