Never stop building the value of your business before you sell

Never stop building the value of your business before you sell

When you are ready to take that next step in life and sell your business, keep in mind that several different factors go into determining the value of a business when it goes to market. Because there is so much more involved than simple checks and balances, even the most successful companies can fall short when the valuation results come in. Before you find yourself in a situation like this, know that you don’t have to settle for less. Here are some steps that can be taken to boost your business’ worth.

Set yourself apart and stand out

When you know that your business is being compared to others, being unique can make all of the difference. Consumers are drawn to distinction when evaluating companies to do business with. They compare products, services, customer support, and several other aspects. An established public interest shines a light on your business and gives potential buyers greater incentive. With that in mind, they’re going to look for companies capable of holding their own in their niche, and why not? That’s precisely why they are looking to buy an established business instead of building one from scratch.

Today’s business landscape revels in competition from most industries, so even the smallest detail could be the one that launches your company to the top for consideration. Any aspect that sets you apart from others in your field contributes to success, but it’s equally critical to drawing buyers’ attention.


Benchmark your company against others by researching and examining your top competitors. You want to gain a better understanding of their weaknesses and compare them to your own. Play on your strengths and work to improve upon your shortcomings to enhance your status in your industry. Purchasing prospects are likely doing the same thing with the companies they are considering, and they are sure to take notice. The result should be a response with more lucrative offers.

Document and streamline operations

When was the last time you documented your current processes? Efficient businesses are usually the most productive ones, and that productivity leads to higher profits. Take the time to do a deep dive on the internal operations of your company. As you do so, evaluate all details from every possible angle.


Whether you do this on your own or turn to a professional for help, the ultimate goal here is to find areas of struggle and identify pain points. However, bringing in an efficiency expert could bring in an unbiased perspective and work wonders in this exercise. The final result is to develop and implement new practices to make things flow more smoothly.


By reducing waste and boosting productivity, revenue elevates while the cost of operation is reduced, all without sacrificing quality. Higher earning potential and lowered cost of operations are very attractive to potential buyers.

Maintain your workforce

Providing your prospective buyers with a highly skilled and productive crew to work with provides a great deal of stability and assurance. Fully trained and qualified employees hold a great deal of value. Regardless of rank and tenure, they are the backbone of any company. Having to train an entirely new team leads to losses in productivity and increased costs for pending business owners, so don’t send your employees packing if you’re planning to sell your business. Instead, groom them to be more confident and independent.

Delegate and step aside

If you’re like many business owners, you are a highly engaged participant in your business. While that is an admirable quality to be so involved with every aspect of the company, it could show as a red flag in the eyes of your prospects. They may have concerns on whether or not the business would run as smoothly without your involvement. In reality, your business, processes, and crew should be able to keep the business humming on their own.


Be sure everyone in the company is well-versed in specific procedures and processes. Since you just evaluated and improved your processes, it’s the perfect time to hand over the reins. Pass your knowledge and experience on to a qualified employee to oversee the business in your absence as the new owner gets acclimated.


Continue to be involved in the company right up until it’s signed over to a new owner, but make sure it can run smoothly without your help as well. Seeing the business is capable of retaining its strength in your absence is a significant confidence boost for prospective buyers. You may even get higher offers once they realize and appreciate the anticipated ease of transition.

Keep growing

An excellent selling detail is a highly recognized brand. Now is the time to ramp up your marketing, sharpen your sales team, and demonstrate a solid plan for growth. Buyers pay more for growing and flourishing businesses and will look for a bargain on those that are stagnant. Now is the time to make your business look the best it’s ever looked.


Loyal, repeat customers are critical to all businesses regardless of size or industry, but having a steady stream of new ones is also essential. Demonstrating a balance between the two ensures consistent cash flow. Targeting new prospects is the key to generating fresh clientele, so continue ramping up your marketing efforts to boost potential buyers’ interest as well as your company’s market value.


Continue to invest in your business, even though it may seem counterproductive. In reality, there is nothing further from the truth, for you want to keep your company alive and thriving.


Keep updating equipment, improving manufacturing processesdeveloping new products and services, and carrying out other upgrades just as you would under normal circumstances. Continue funneling funds into new marketing campaigns and SEO strategies as well. Remember that a flourishing company gets a higher offer, and a stagnant company comes at a higher discount.

Final thoughts

Even though you are ready to slow down and stop, keep in mind that your business is not, so keep that momentum to gain the highest return. Set yourself apart from others in your niche both on the surface and through underlying aspects. Increase efficiency in every way possible to improve productivity and profitability. Prepare your business to operate without your involvement. Cultivate relationships with customers and prospects in every level of your sales funnel. Don’t stop your forward momentum. Renovate the company itself rather than its workforce. 

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