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Industry SpotlightPizza Restaurants

It may come as no surprise that the pizza industry is fast-growing and extremely popular among consumers. With taste and quality being among the most important qualities when choosing a restaurant, of 68,950 restaurant goers, 47% actually stated that reasonably priced food outranked food quality (30%) and type of cuisine (25%). Studies conducted in the United States showed 18.5 billion of 45.1 billion dollars in overall pizza sales were through independent pizzerias. There is no doubt that this industry is a lucrative one, and whether you are choosing to buy or sell a pizza shop, you are not making a mistake.

If you are in the market for a pizza business, a Transworld Business Advisor team member who specializes in this industry can help you find the perfect one. One of our brokers can help you sift through Transworld’s extensive arsenal of listings and sellers. If you are looking to sell your pizza business, our business brokers can help you establish the right price and find the right buyer to ensure a seamless transition.

Transworld is dedicated to ensuring the best deal for every party involved. As mentioned, our advisors are skilled in this specific industry and therefore, understand what needs to be done to ensure negotiations go smoothly for all participating parties. Our goal is for the sellers and buyers to leave the negotiations satisfied with the deal. Whether you need your broker to help you with finding the right price for your pizzeria, marketing your business or simply protecting confidentiality, our team is committed to the business deal no matter where you are in the process of selling or buying your pizza business.

Look below to view our current listings for pizza businesses. We offer a description of each individual business, along with some details you may find important. For instance, price, business size, location, and number of employees. Contact one of our experienced brokers at Transworld Business Advisors today!

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