Making the decision to sell your business should not be taken lightly. There are many aspects of the business sale process that you should address before listing your business for sale. Our Colorado business brokers can help throughout that process.

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Buying a business is often one of the biggest decisions an individual makes during their life. At Transworld, our Colorado business brokers are here to identify the business for you and support you throughout the process.

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What Is Your Business Worth?

Read our blog discussing the subject and then download our business valuation workbook to identify the value of your business!

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What is Due Diligence?

Due diligence is the time for a buyer to vet a business before making their final decision to sign a purchase contract with the seller.

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A Guide to Seller Financing

Financing is a difficult topic and one that comes up often in business brokerage. Learn more about one option in our guide to seller financing.

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Should You Sell at the Peak?

As a business owner selling your business at its most successful may sound counterintuitive but it can actually be the ideal time to sell your business!

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Franchise a Business

Franchising your business is a great step to continue to grow your company. Our franchise development process will facilitate this process for you and support documentation creation.

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Prep to Sell Program

Owners 1 – 3 years out from selling will benefit from our Prep to Sell Program that focusses on enhancing the value of a business and addressing buyer concerns. Click to learn more!

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