A cleaning business can be an extremely profitable enterprise with a low level of volatility and consistent demand. Janitorial services, which includes companies that clean building interiors, windows, carpets and upholstery, account for $53 billion in revenue with a growth rate of 1.6% each year from 2011- 2016. By 2019, revenues are projected to grow to $57.7 billion with an annual growth rate of 2.1%.

The cleaning service industry offers great opportunities for continued growth for a number of reasons. Improving economic conditions, an aging and relatively affluent population and a growth in busy two income households increase the demand for outsourced domestic cleaning. Educational and medical institutions, in particular, are increasingly outsourcing their cleaning needs, while an increase in construction activity, declining office vacancy rates and growth in number of businesses create more clients and demand for cleaning services.

Along with profitability and high margins, cleaning businesses offer diversity and flexibility that appeals to a wide range of people with a variety of goals, interests and operating styles. The industry offers an ability for owners to cater to general or niche markets. Transworld’s list of cleaning businesses is comprised of small and large businesses that focus on individual consumers, large commercial businesses or specialty cleaning services. Furthermore, the cleaning industry allows small businesses to compete effectively with larger businesses, since small independent companies comprise 70% of cleaning contractors.

If you are considering the purchase or sale of a cleaning business, Transworld is the go-to source to prepare your deal and meet vetted buyers or sellers. If interested in purchasing a cleaning business, Transworld ‘s business advisors will work with you to determine your abilities and interests, educate you about the search and buying process and connect you with sellers of cleaning businesses that match your criteria. If interested in selling your cleaning business, Transworld’s experienced advisors will offer full marketing support, including expert valuation and strict confidentiality, while introducing you to prospective buyers. Transworld will be involved at all stages until both parties reach their goal and the cleaning business changes hands.

Click here to view our list of cleaning businesses for sale. For each listing, we include detailed descriptions of each cleaning business for sale along with some basic information such as price, down payment, number of employees and inventory. Our sub-categories allow you to limit your search results to certain types of cleaning businesses, including Carpet Cleaning, Construction Clean Up or Pressure Cleaning.