Planning Your Exit

"A Fool with a plan can beat a genius with no plan" - Oilman T. Boone Pickens Every successful Entrepreneur has planned along the way. You have planned the startup & planned for expansion and growth, but have you thought about planning your exit? Surveys indicate that the majority of small to medium sized business owners do not have a family member who is interested in taking the reigns. What sho

Why you need a business broker to sell your business.

Would you hang this sign outside your business? Many business owners feel that they are capable of personally selling their business. They have spent their entire lives building it. Who knows the business better than they do? While it is more than likely that the business owner knows more about the business, they usually have no idea how to value it and will either undervalue or grossly overprice

Succession Planning Part I - Keeping it in the Family

“The future always calls your bluff” Jeanne Moir, International Planning Alliance   While it may not be at the top of his or her “To Do” list, every small business owner should have a well thought out succession plan in place. Having a succession plan can reduce or eliminate taxes, reduce business risk, keep control of the process in the hands of the owner and insur