Aspiring to make that perfect match

Aspiring to make that perfect match

Buying a business is an investment in your livelihood. You should know this already as a successful franchisee ready for a new chapter in your life. On one side, you will pause until the sale is complete. On the other hand, this business was your heart and soul for a period of your life, and you want to see someone with the same passion take on the legacy you started.

Transworld Business Advisors aspire to make those matches between a business seller and potential buyers. We work as your broker, bringing you the highest and best possible price. We do the work so you can continue to focus on the success of your business right up until the sale. Our Atlanta office focuses our efforts on local companies, but because we are a national organization, our listings have national and worldwide visibility for those interested in relocating and finding a successful business to purchase.

How does a broker sell a business?

We assist our clients through every step of selling their business. From the initial analysis through the transition process after the sale, we represent you and your interests in a successful experience from start to finish. We are your partner through every step.

Business analysis

We first complete a comprehensive analysis of your business. We review your operation and finances first. Next, we compare local trends and market potential to get a complete picture of your business. We take the results of this analysis to build a profile representing your company that is used to attract potential buyers.

Structure the sale and set a price

Once the analysis is complete, we can then assess the true value of your business and suggest the appropriate price based on our valuation techniques. This method ensures that your business is competitive in the current market based on projected growth, sales potential, and recent sales of similar companies. This proven, unbiased technique based on facts about the business and the current market provides a competitive price to get your business prompt interest. We use this to represent your company as an attractive investment to potential buyers.

Networking and advertising

As a national operation ourselves, our technology presents your business to other business advisors and buyers worldwide. You and your company are exposed to thousands of business brokers through our network while maintaining your confidentiality in the process. Comparatively, we spend more on advertising and marketing for our clients than any other business broker in the industry. Our program is as aggressive as it is successful.

Information gatekeepers

The initial information used when advertising your business for sale remains limited to protect your confidentiality until a deal is imminent. We provide enough to drive interest, with additional details disclosed with great discretion. The data and analysis results for your business are shared only with pre-qualified interested buyers as needed. Before viewing any of your business information, these vetted buyers sign a confidentiality agreement for your protection.

Create and manage competition

Our methods of assessing your business along with our marketing techniques start to generate interest from multiple parties quickly with national and worldwide exposure. Nothing is more exciting than when several qualified buyers compete for your company! The interested buyers must first prove that they are capable of meeting their offer. The next step is selecting only the “most qualified” buyers for a chance for you to meet with them. After that meeting, they have the task to prepare their offers for you. At the same time, we continue to approach and track potential buyers while keeping your position secure in the process.

The art of negotiation

Negotiation really is an art, and the professionals at Transworld Business Advisors are experts in this arena. Our sound techniques targeted especially for your industry, achieve the best price and terms in your favor for the sale of your company.

Service never stops through the process

Service is a detail in which we take exceptional pride. Once matched with a buyer, our service to you does not stop. We partner on your behalf to get that buyer to the closing table. We work with the accountants, lawyers, banks, landlords, and other parties to ensure the success of your transaction. We intend to make the process easy for you, so you may depend on us to guide you through the complete process for the sale of your business. We are there to act on all actions and opportunities for you as they arise.

All the way through the transition

Our partnership does not end at closing. We promised we were partners, and we will see you through a successful transition as well. You may consult us at any time after the sale, and we will assist you however we can. We are always in your corner.

Yes, it would be best if you had a broker

Selling a business is no task to do yourself. The selling and buying of a business is a complex process that is best left to the experts. Even the most successful business people are unexposed to the daily operations of a company.  Trying to engage through all the required tasks and parties can monopolize your time. Someone familiar with the fine details and nuances of selling a business proves quickly to be an invaluable asset when it comes down to completing the sale details before closing. From both perspectives, a business broker makes for a smooth transition on both sides of the table.

Transworld is your partner and your asset when it comes to selling your business. Transworld maintains the largest market share of businesses available for sale. You can count on us to complete a detailed analysis, drum up a whirlwind of interest and competing pre-qualified buyers, then guide you through every detail of the process, freeing you to continue conducting business until the day you feel secure that your new buyers are ready to fly on their own and carry the torch to their continued success. You can walk away with confidence that you had a partner in your corner. Transworld is that partner.

Are you feeling inspired to turn the page and start your next chapter? Schedule a consultation now with a business broker. We can’t wait to get started with you!