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How to Support Local Metro Atlanta Businesses

How to Support Local Metro Atlanta Businesses during Covid-19 Crisis


US Chamber Support Small Business


Small Business drives the local economy and is now needs all of our help. If you have a neighbor that owns or works for a small business now is the time to say thank you and support them. Transworld Business Advisors want to provide specific ways to support small business owners.

Three ways to support your local small business.
1. Learn what they can offer during the pandemic, maybe its have take out/delivery twice a week instead of once of week. This will keep employees working and offer a chance to try new things.
2. Say thank you with a recommendation or review to show you appreciation for good service. Now we have the time to do the little things.
3. If you support their online activities. Whether a fitness class thru online or virtual therapy session. Leverage technology for a few weeks to keep people employed.

This crisis will pass, and we will need the may business in local communities to be there. If we all find small ways to support small businesses, we can all stay connected while we Mind the Gap!!

Transworld Business Advisors Team