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Transworld Atlanta Covid-19 Business Resource Page

Dear Small Business Owner,

We at Transworld Business Advisors hope you are staying safe and healthy and taking the necessary precautions to remain that way. We understand the hardship this will place on your businesses and want to provide information and support in any way possible. Please share this information with anyone you think it will help as you take action to protect yourself, your employees, and your business.

We are drawing on our over 40 years of experience navigating tough times. Below is our response today, of the ever-changing situation.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has released the following information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Existing SBA Loans

If your business has an SBA loan, your bank has unilateral authority to provide temporary relief in the form of a payment deferment from three to six months. Reach out to the bank’s SBA Servicing Department to initiate the deferment process.

Tips on seeking deferment:

SBA Implements Automatic Deferment on Existing SBA Disaster Loans Through End of 2020
There is no need to contact SBA to request Deferment, it is automatic for all previous Disaster Loans.


If you are leasing space, and in your first year growing the business, your Landlord may be willing to defer rental payments to the end of your lease term. Whether you are in an SBA eligible area or not it does not hurt for you to ask.

Tips on seeking rent deferment:

Disaster Loans/New Loans

Small businesses in states and territories that have been designated federal disaster areas, may apply for loans up to $2 million dollars. These loans can be used for payroll, accounts payable and other obligations that businesses are having trouble meeting due to the disaster impact. Please note: the interest rate is 3.75% for small businesses that do not have credit elsewhere; businesses with credit elsewhere are not eligible. This link will give you the states that are currently eligible for the disaster relief loan. Additional states will be added once the state governor declares a disaster. Apply online via link

Download SBA Disaster Loan Application Paper Forms

SBA Loan Application Forms

Here are additional resources available for you and your employees about Corona Virus Pandemic.

What is Corona Virus? Video For Employers and Employees by the CDC
World Health Organization (WHO) Corona Virus Video


Here are tips and tools to help communicate with employees and customers.

Corona Virus (Covid-19) Workplace Tips
Corona Virus (Covid-19) Employers Guidance for Employee
Corona Virus Workplace / Business Flyer (Customizable)

Here is information on how to apply for SBA Disaster Relief Loans

SBA Disaster Relief Loan Page
SBA Disaster Relief Process