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COVID-19 Resources

You Have Options. Don't Give Up. A.C.T.


You start by taking inventory of your business assets. Catalog equipment, consolidate client lists, gather your contracts, leases, titles and revenue reports.

We'll analyze and group your assets by type and market value.

You'll have questions...we'll have answers.


Next, we'll work together to identify and target potential buyers for your asset groups.

We can sell them as a whole package or individually. It depends on what you're working with and what works best for you.


When buyers show interest in our assets, you can trust us to manage the purchase process ensuring your assets are transferred correctly.

Finally, you get paid. Instead of closing your doors and walking away with nothing, you end up with the cash to pursue your next adventure.

We are here for YOU. We will get through this TOGETHER.

Survival Guide

The current Covid-19 response and its effects on the economy will no doubt be challenging to everyone. None more than small business and their employees, but we have been here before. Just as we weathered 9/11, hurricanes, and severe economic downturns we can work together to survive this.

The good news is that this will be temporary. Although it may be very trying, the economy should rebound rather quickly once activities normalize. Realizing this could take several weeks to several months, the best bet is to implement a strategy TODAY! Here is a simple plan to carry us through to better days. We have decided to call it the BRIDGE plan.

Our team of business brokers has experience in thousands of transactions. We have a database of over 10,000 buyers and receive over 100+ buyer inquiries locally each week.

The Deal Board Live Podcast: Topics & Resources for Today's Current Market

Follow the below links to listen to The Deal Boards podcast episodes regarding COVID-19 and the effects on the current market:

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