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Finding a Business Broker

Before you decide to sell your Boston area business operation, you owe it to yourself to call Transworld Business Advisors of North Boston. We know the local business market, and offer you a free, confidential consultation about what the process of selling your company involves, including presenting your business in the best light, and coming up with a fact-based list price.

We guarantee that our experienced and professional business brokers will provide you with informative insight and sound advice regarding selling your business in your very first conversation.

Transworld guarantees that our highly professional brokers will be able to offer you sound advice and insight into selling your business in your first meeting.

Why Do I Need A Business Broker Or Advisor?

  • You need to keep the sale confidential for as long as possible.
  • You want to get the best sales price.
  • You need someone to represent your best interests.
  • Selling a business is a very complex process.
  • You don’t have any experience in selling a business.
  • If you as business owner focus on selling your business, who is focusing on running it?

Why Should I Use Transworld As My Business Advisor?

  • We keep the sale confidential.
  • We have access to thousands of buyers looking for a business like yours.
  • We can generate competition for your company to generate multiple offers.
  • We have an exclusive internal marketplace to sell your business.
  • We will establish the right listing price.
  • We utilize a worldwide network to advertise your business.
  • We’ll spend more money on marketing your business than anyone in our industry.
  • We'll maximize the profit from the sale of your business.
  • Our goal is to always obtain the best deal for our clients.

Since 1979, Transworld has led the business brokerage industry. When you choose us as your business broker, we will focus on your specific industry to find the right buyer. This means a timely sale at the right price. Transworld business brokers have the experience, expertise, and finesse you need to sell your business. Many of our brokers are former business owners themselves, and understand your specific needs. We guarantee that if you are prepared to sell your Boston area company, we are ready to sell it for you.

Let Transworld be the right broker to help you sell your company each step of the way.