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A Little History About Boston, MA

Known as the Salem village in the 17th century, Danvers town was known to be the back den for witchcraft.  Stories dating from this era associate the city with witchcraft stories and tragedies. There are several historical points, centers, and parks with archeological records and written records about the town's history that will fascinate you. Here are a few points to visit and learn about the historical Salem village. Learn information about Danvers, MA.

Rebecca Nurse Homestead

This is one of the most important sites to visit in Danvers. The story goes of how a reputable 71-year-old Nurse by the name Rebecca was taken through trial and executed on witchcraft charges. Rebecca Nurse homestead currently serves as a museum and is believed to be the home where the nurse stayed with her husband. If you find a keen interest in Salem witchcraft, then this is a perfect place to go. You will get a chance to learn and see some old things used by the nurse. Discover facts About Danvers, MA.

Danvers Archival Center

The Archival center is home to charming classical houses. At this center, there is a beautiful and exciting collection of materials that define the town's past at this center. There is all manner of books, manuscripts, maps, and other articles worth reading and studying to get an excellent narration about Salem village and witchcraft.