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Boston, MA Is A Museum Den

Danvers, MA Has Interesting Museums

There are a lot of museums in Danvers, MA that will interest you. Whether you are visiting alone or with your family, there are museums across the city, especially at the former Salem village that are quite interesting. There is a place for you if you prefer to take walks in these museums or sit down and view the arts. You can choose a museum to visit from this list. Information can be found here.

Salem Witch Museum

If you want real stories about witchcraft with which Danvers city is known for then, this museum is suitable for you. The museum hosts several exact replicas of stage sets, lighting, and scary stuff, providing an opportunity to visitors to explore further the infamous Salem witch trials of the 16th century. You will never go wrong when you choose to spend time at this marvelous destination. See here for information about A Little History About Danvers, MA.

Danvers Historical Society


This is a sizable historical center that hosts museums and art display centers. You can enjoy walks on the farm within this center and learn about classical artifacts. A visit to this center will also allow you to acquire in details about the local history of the town, like the old Salem village, witchcraft, and the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the surrounding area.