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Is Wakefield the Most Secure Neighborhood in Middlesex County?

What You Should Know About Wakefield

Wakefield is an organized neighborhood in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The neighborhood is located north-northwest of Downtown Boston. Wakefield has a population of about 29,000 people and covers an approximate area of 20.5 square miles. The neighborhood is ranked as the 73rd most populous in Massachusetts. More than 90 percent of the population in Wakefield is whites. Many people in Middlesex County are attracted to the neighborhood for security reasons. Other than the police department, several private companies provide security. The private companies are licensed and have trained guards who secure malls and other private institutions. Here are some popular private security companies in Wakefield. Learn more here.


Talos Security Systems

Talos Security Systems is a trusted provider for both home and commercial security services. The company has trained staff who provide excellent services to clients. Talos Security Systems provides security to many businesses within Wakefield and other towns. Learn more about Learn About the History of Massachusetts While in Wenham.

Securitas Security Services

This company is known for providing security to hotels, malls, and other institutions in Middlesex County. Securitas Security Services is one of the most trusted companies that provide security to homes in Wakefield. The company has skilled staff who respond to emergencies on time.



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