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Learn About the History of Massachusetts While in Wenham

What You Should Know About Wenham

Wenham is an organized community in Essex County, Massachusetts. Wenham has a population of about 6,000 residents and covers an approximate area of 8.1-square miles. The neighborhood is bordered by Beverly on the south and Manchester-by-the-Sea on the east. Wenham lies to the east of Danvers and 6-miles north of Salem. A majority of the population is Wenham is young professionals. Living in Wenham gives you a blend of an urban and suburban sense of lifestyle. The neighborhood is home to many sites of great historical importance. The historic sites make it the best neighborhood for history enthusiasts. Here are some popular historic sites you might visit while in Wenham. Click here for facts about Danvers, MA.


Wenham Museum

The Wenham museum was opened in 1922. A wide variety of antiques are displayed in the museum. The antiques displayed explain the history and transformation of the city through the years of its existence. Some of the antiques displayed include dolls and a model train diorama. Read about Is Danvers the Best Neighborhood for Artists here.


Newman Fiske Dodge House

The Newman Fiske Dodge House was owned by Rev. Antipas Newman, the Second Minister of Wenham. The house was built in 1658 and still exists to date.




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