Brooklyn Borough Hall - An Historic Building in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Borough Hall is an important building in Downtown Brooklyn, New York City, which was built by prominent architects Calvin Pollack and Gamaliel K. King. It was built by architects Calvin Pollack and Gamaliel K. King in the early Greek Revival Style and was constructed primarily of Tuckahoe Marble under the direction of the superintendent of Brooklyn Boroughs Stephen Haynes. The construction project included the addition of a new City Hall that was also done in the Classical Revival Style and had three stories. The building was extensively remodeled in the nineteen seventies to reflect its former Greek Revival appearance. In addition to these changes, it has been renovated and modernized to make it one of the most popular municipal buildings in New York City today. Learn information about Brooklyn, NY here.


The primary function of Brooklyn Borough Hall is to be the administrative headquarters for the City of Brooklyn, and is also used as the location for City Council meetings. Although this building is the official head office for the city government, it also serves as the main headquarters of various branches of the city government. It houses the mayor's office, the City Hall Administration Bureau, the Department of Health, the Office of Emergency Management, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and the Public Defender Service. Other offices of the City Hall Administration Bureau are located there as well, including the Budget Division, the Human Resources Department, the Office of Public Works and Development, and the Operations Bureau. The office of the City Attorney also resides here, along with the police department and the fire department. Discover facts aThe Awesome Adventurers Amusement Park in Brooklyn, New York

The interior design of Brooklyn Borough Hall has been quite impressive. It is an office building that was built with a minimalist feel to it, giving it an air of simplicity and comfort. As you can see from the pictures of the exterior and inside of the building, the office of the Mayor and other offices of the City Hall Administration Bureau have been built in an almost minimalist style. Even if the building is quite modern, it still manages to retain the traditional appeal of a classic building.