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Explore Nature With Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an organic garden located in the borough of New York City, in Prospect Park. It was originally established in 1910 and is located in the Mount Prospect section of central Brooklyn, in front of the Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park. The complex has over fourteen thousand taxa of native plants and even hosts a number of summer and winter programs for neighborhood children to learn about the many different types of plants that grow in this beautiful area. This natural garden is a wonderful place for the entire family to visit. The entire garden is planted in a circular pattern. Visitors will find many plants with names that they will enjoy such as the Garden's Tree and Shrub, which are all native to Brooklyn and New York State. There are also a number of different flowers, both native and non-native. Information can be found here.


The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has a wide variety of both plants and trees that are native to Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. They have both evergreens and deciduous trees for you to see. There are several different types of flowers and a number of trees that are native to New York. You will also find an extensive amount of different wildlife that can be seen. There are several animals that can be seen along with other insects and birds. See here for information about Brooklyn Borough Hall - An Historic Building in Brooklyn, NY



For the kids, there are fun activities and games that they can participate in, such as playing hide-and-seek, or they can make their own crafts and bring them to the park on New Year's Eve. You will find that the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Prospect Park has some of the best landscaping in the city. You will find an abundance of wild plants in this area, which makes for some beautiful blooming. If you are looking for a beautiful site to go to with your family, you should definitely visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in Prospect Park. You will find a wide variety of different plants to choose from and a great place for you and your family to spend some time.