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The Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York is an internationally recognized art museum located in the historic Lower Manhattan district of Brooklyn. In fact, at 580,000 square feet, it is New York's third-biggest in physical space and houses an unparalleled art collection with approximately one million works from around the world. This vast collection includes such notable works as Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, Salvador Dali's famous Night Flight in Siena, Andy Warhol's Plastic Man, Warhol's Fauvism, and Francis Bacon's Le Ritzy. It also boasts two galleries where more contemporary artists have displayed their work including Randa Jarrar's The Artist Is Present, a group show of artists who are emerging as important new voices in modern art, and artist's studios where contemporary artists have exhibited their work. Visit this link for more information. 


The Brooklyn Museum features an extensive number of exhibits, including those with a New York connection. For example, The New Yorker Building, one of the city's most distinctive buildings, was constructed in 1857 and serves as the home to The New Yorker Magazine. A popular attraction for visitors is the Brooklyn Room," which is housed within The New Yorker Building, and is designed to look like an old-fashioned parlor. Visitors can take tours and view the inside and outside of the building, which offers a unique perspective of the history of the city. Other exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum feature pieces of artwork from various cultures around the world. Visitors will find exhibits featuring Egyptian antiquities, Japanese porcelain, Indian ceramics, African drums, Native American pottery, Chinese chopsticks, and many other items that are only found in this particular museum. Read about Brooklyn Heights Promenade - The Most Popular Walks in Brooklyn, New York.




The Brooklyn Museum also hosts numerous performances and plays throughout the year, both in its main auditorium and in the basement. Many famous Broadway shows have been produced at the Brooklyn Museum, including Aida: An American Musical, Beauty and the Beast, The Book of Mormon, Hamilton, Cabaret, and Rent. It also holds a few concerts each summer that attract local and international audiences, including popular jazz and blues bands and a summer series featuring contemporary music.