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Hamilton Metz Field in Brooklyn, New York - A Major League Baseball Stadium

Hamilton Metz Field in Brooklyn, New York is a major league baseball field that was once home to many professional teams. This baseball field has changed several times over the years and now stands proudly as a Major League Baseball Stadium. In the mid-90's this baseball stadium was home to both the Mets and Yankees. Now it is home to the New York Yankees baseball team. When you walk into this venue, you can immediately sense the history and pride that come with being a New York Yankees fan. More can be found here. 


Commercial Field is a baseball field that is located at the Wingate community of Brooklyn, New York. It was home to both the Commercial High School baseball soccer and football teams in 1906. Today it is home to many teams, including the New York Yankees. The stadium is also used to host numerous events each year. Many local high schools in Brooklyn also use the stadium as their home field. Learn more about Have Fun With Your Family at Friends Field In Brooklyn, New York.



When you first walk onto this baseball field, you will immediately notice that there are several options for seating. There are bleacher seats, as well as more intimate areas where fans can sit to watch a game. Many fans prefer to sit on the grass to avoid having to worry about grass damage or being trampled on by a team or player during gameplay. There is also a concession area that is located near the field. You can buy hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, ice cream, sodas, hot dogs, and much more inside the concession area. If you are staying at a hotel near the ballpark, you may even be able to get some food delivered right to your room! This will be an added bonus to your stay.