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The Awesome Adventurers Amusement Park in Brooklyn, New York

Adventurers Amusement Park is a very small amusement park in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. It's a concession that's located in the very heart of the city-owned Bensonhurst Park, just off the Belt Parkway. It's been around since the early nineteen sixties and was one of the first theme parks ever to be built on this scale. Adventurers had an enormous reputation for providing good rides but were never able to capture the same name that it has today. This article will discuss why Adventurers failed to gain a similar level of fame as other theme parks. Learn more here. 


Adventurers was built primarily as a commercial amusement park. The rides were relatively short and consisted of very low risk, quick, fun rides. The park was known for its short, basic roller coasters as well as a large number of different inflatables, including the popular Spider Man. One of the attractions at Adventurers was the infamous 'Babes in Toyland'. It featured two separate shows that consisted of fifteen girls who were dressed as princesses. The show consisted of an aerial ride on a big red and white roller coaster that ended in a basket of bouncing Babes in Toyland (this attraction is not actually called Babies In Toyland). Once the show was over they would jump up and down and sing a few songs to each other. Learn more about Explore The Cool Brooklyn Zoo in New York.


Over the years Adventurers had a variety of changes that added a new element to the amusement park. They had a number of new coasters added to their line-up such as a big loop around the outside of the Park, a giant slide with a giant slide bar, and a slide that were made of a huge tree trunk that slid along the edge of the slide. Unfortunately, none of these attractions were able to get the kind of notoriety that they'd desire when they first opened and didn't receive the level of success that they were hoping for. Today they are not as well known or as famous as they once were. However, Adventurers has managed to continue to expand their operations by building new coasters and inflatables that are as exciting as any other ride in their parks.