Where to Have Fun in Brooklyn


Brooklyn is not only known for music and art: though those two rank top on the things-to-do list. However, there are other family things to do in this great city. With numerous things to do, you will pass the time easily. More can be found here.

See Art at the Brooklyn Museum

Visit Brooklyn Museum. Before entering into the museum, you can pause in front and look at the mesmerizing fountain. Apart from the fun fountain, this admired art museum is a huge selection of Egyptian art in the permanent collection, and modern art. The revolving exhibits include David Bowie, Georgie O’Keefe and Basquiat. The museum is open until 6 pm except Monday and Tuesday. See also about Best Things to Do in Brooklyn.

Learn and Play at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

This museum was established in 1899 as the first museum expressly for kids aged six months to 19 years. The museum’s exhibits comprise a kid-sized Brooklyn; Collection Central, where children can make their designs. There is also a Sensory Room that is meant for kids with autism spectrum illness. The museum is always open Tuesday up to Sunday.