Where to Spend your Evening When You Visit Brooklyn


Irrespective of the season you plan to travel in, Brooklyn has lots of events, fun and attractions all year. While Brooklyn holds the famous festivities and events, it's also rich in culture and visiting places around the town will give you a glimpse of its culture. With the many places to visit, it might feel like you are visiting a new country instead of a city. Brooklyn, NY can be seen here.

Enjoy your Evening at Greenpoint


Greenpoint is always hip. For example, in Greenpoint, there is a laundromat that serves as a bar and an old Polish banquet hall that was turned to a bazaar. At the bazaar, you can listen to any various bands, play ping pong and enjoy a bit of karaoke. Greenpoint is a vibrant polish community that hosts numerous hipsters. It's no longer a dormant neighborhood since it's becoming the best destination. Visiting Greenpoint should be in your list of things to do as it offers a lot. There is a scenic waterfront park and the numerous shops on the shopping streets makes it the best destination. Click here to read about Best Places to Visit with Family in Brooklyn.