The Deal Board Podcast
 Celebrating 40 years of Transworld Business Advisors

Episode 38

Celebrating 40 years of Transworld Business Advisors

"Building a Sustainable Company: Keys to Success"


This one is a very special episode, where you will hear about a company that started 40 years ago and just keeps on growing and succeeding: it is Transworld Business Advisors. Andrew talks about the founding story of Transworld Business Advisors, which started as a real estate business and became the great company of business brokers that it is today. A great guest, Ray Titus, from United Franchise Group, shares his knowledge and experience in how to keep nurturing a business, prioritizing the people who work in it as well as the need to keep taking risks. It is not an easy task to build a sustainable business and Transworld has found the formula to keep growing. In this episode, you will find the keys to success that this amazing team has been applying on a daily basis.

Key takeaways:

[:47] Founding story of Transworld Business Advisors

[2:25] Buying the company 25 years ago

[5:26] How do you build a sustainable business?

[5:49] Keys to success

[7:43] Giving back to the community

[10:32] Growing global

[11:44] Partnering up with United Franchise Group

[14:50] The United States is the land of opportunity.

[16:36] Ray Titus, United Franchise Group

[17:25] How it all got started and how they have kept the business going for so long.

[19:00] You have to get great people working along with you and keep them happy.

[20:20] Don’t make the same mistake twice.

[21:14] A combination of old school and new school

[22:00] Culture of innovation

[23:00] Promoting lifelong learning

[26:04] Bringing in the next generation

[28:03] Taking fewer risks will lead to the end of your business.

[28:30] Being goal-oriented

[29:37] Advice to small business

[30:23] Focus on what you want to achieve now.

[30:52] Focusing on your people improves your business.

[36:16] Deal of the week: Al Fialkovich (Denver, Colorado). Sold construction management company. Construction and restoration. $8 million in revenue. STE in over $1 million. In business for over 35 years.

[38:07] Listing of the week: Bob Dunphy (New York). Bridal superstore, 30,000 square feet. Not a retail location; it is a destination. Over a million dollars. Offering seller financing. Price $4,000,000.

Show Notes:

Mentioned in this episode:


Bob Dunphy (New York). A business that has been operating for 60 years. Bridal superstore, 30,000 square feet. Not a retail location, it is a destination. Over a million dollars EBITDA. Offering seller financing. Price $4,000,000. Contact Bob at or call 917-589-0977.

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