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Marketing and Social Media Strategies with Andrew Cagnetta and Jessica Fialkovich

Episode 20

Marketing and Social Media Strategies with Andrew Cagnetta and Jessica Fialkovich

"Increase the Value of Your Business"


Andrew and Jessica, along with two amazing guests, Kerry Cole, Executive director of Becca Cosmetics, and Corey Saban, founder of, are presenting inexpensive and even no-cost strategies to grow your following in social media and make your business grow and even increase its value. Social media is a great tool to connect with customers, keep the engagement with them and really promote your business. This is a very simple process that can help you improve your business' quality of earnings. Listen to this episode for tricks, tips, and inspiration from a company that grew from nothing to two hundred million dollars! Listing of the week: Bianca Evans (Jacksonville, Florida) Multi-unit restaurant, family-friendly dining, opportunity to build into a franchise, five locations, $1.3 million. Call Bianca at 904-254-7846 or email to

Key takeaways:

[5:05] Kerry Cole
[5:37] The case of Becca Cosmetics.
[6:44] Using social media and marketing to launch Becca cosmetics.
[9:05] The influencer strategy.
[11:49] Seek the personal connection.
[12:28] Building from 61K to 3.3 million followers.
[13:11] Always responding to comments and direct questions.
[14:57] Starting a successful Instagram account with interesting content.
[16:20] Provide links.
[16:58] Increase your business value by targeting your market.
[20:07] Deal of the week: Joshua Sagman. Flower shop in Florida. Property listed as a commercial deal. Price: $150,000.
[21:50] Corey Saban, founder of
[22:30] Capturing the attention of clients through video.
[24:15] Video for small businesses.
[25:41] Different business using video as a marketing tool.
[27:11] Listing of the week: Bianca Evans (Jacksonville, Florida) Multi-unit restaurant. Five locations ready to be franchised. $1.3 million.

Show Notes:

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