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The Fitness Industry

Episode 39

The Fitness Industry

"The Rise of Boutique Fitness Studios and Franchises"


In this episode, Andrew and Jessica are diving deep into the fitness industry, to give you a look at what are the trends in this industry at the moment, and also what companies are selling for. They are bringing the experts to give valuable information and to talk about the trend of smaller studios, which are really thriving and being successful in the fitness industry versus the traditional big gyms since people are choosing something that is more compact and specialized. This industry is a very strong one in terms of valuation as well. There are a lot of resales and increasingly younger people are getting in this business, which proves to be a great opportunity for starters and a really strong industry for franchisees. Purchasing a business in the fitness area presents a lot of advantages which will be addressed in this great episode.

Key takeaways:

Key takeaways:

[7:05] Stephen Menges (West LA, California)

[7:30] Stephen Menges talks about the fitness industry.

[8:30] Transition to boutique fitness studios.

[9:25] Buying an existing facility is the best move.

[10:35] The magic in the recurrent revenue.

[11:50] Low-cost entree franchise models.

[14:04] Deal of the week: Todd Bailey (Wichita). Fitness Franchise Sold with hundreds of locations in the U.S. $215,000 in annual revenue, $70,000 SDE. Great buyer, an active duty army soldier, he used military discount through SBA.

[17:06] Doug Birer, Orangetheory Fitness.

[17:22] Doug Birer’s business story.

[18:52] The Orangetheory Fitness key to success.

[20:55] Expanding the Orangetheory Fitness.

[21:40] Don’t be afraid to change.

[23:27] Be willing to take the risk if you want to be an entrepreneur.

[24:36] Choosing the right partners in order to expand.

[25:56] Advice for first-time buyers.

[27:39] Listing of the week: Robert Cunio (San Diego). Great Gym in Escondido, California. 2,500 square feet facility. 24/7 access gym. Great location and parking. Clean books and records. Price $90,000, SDE $65,000. Owner financing available.

Show Notes:

Mentioned in this episode:


obert Cunio (San Diego). Great Gym in Escondido, California. Owners are relocating for family reasons. A very successful business. 2,500 square feet facility. 24/7 access gym. Fantastic reviews. Great location and parking. Clean books and records. Price $90,000, SDE $65,000. Motivated sellers who offer financing. Call Robert at 619-538-2942 or check

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