The Deal Board Podcast
The Reinvention of Retail

Episode 26

The Reinvention of Retail

"Opportunities in the Retail Industry"


There is a myth about retail dying since everything seems to be happening online. Retail is reinventing itself and pivoting into a new form. The experts are joining Andrew and Jessica, to tell the truth about what is going on in this market. There are tons of opportunities for people who still want to go out, touch, feel, and have the real experience of buying. The experiential marketplace has a new opportunity, commercial real estate in the market sector is still very desirable for investors and landlords that still have retail holdings. Current dynamics show that some of the online companies are coming back to retail. Old is new again. Welcome to the rebirth of retail. Listing of the week: Chris Cantwell (Denver), Chocolate business. $400,000 revenue. $100,000 in seller discretionary cash flow. Listed at $200,000. Great opportunity for a first-time buyer! Contact Chris Call 720-370-0049, or email

Key takeaways:

[5:05] Phil Kubat ( Denver)
[5:30] Landscape related to retail from a commercial real estate perspective.
[6:20] Rental rates are still going up.
[6:38] Investing in real estate in the retail arena.
[7:25] Changes in the traditional retail spaces
[9:14] Deal of the week: Ken Gorman (London Southwest), IT support company, three-man business. Discretionary Earnings $100,000. Opportunity to grow through acquisition. Listed is $350,000. Sold at $324,000.
[11:22] The future of retail
[11:44] Michael Ziff (London, UK) talks about his experience in retail.
[14:13] Niches of opportunity for retail
[16:05] Opportunities for the middle market
[17:00] The entertainment retail
[20:27] Silver lining with the disruption of the marketplace.
[22:31] Listing of the week: Chris Cantwell (Denver), Chocolate business. $400,000 revenue. $100,000 in seller discretionary cash flow. Listed at $200,000.
[24:12] Mike Weymouth, Las Olas Company, Fort Lauderdale
[24:56] Future of Las Olas Boulevard
[28:15] Retail is moving to a smaller touch-and-feel experience.
[30:02] Tide raises all boats.
[32:09] Opportunities for entrepreneurs

Show Notes:

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