6 Crucial Considerations Before You Buy a Business (as a Shortcut to Starting From Scratch)

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  From Entrepeneur   Have you ever wondered if or wished there was a shortcut to launching a business without the months of trial-and-error that plague most entrepreneurs? What if you could become a CEO overnight for a real, thriving company? Believe it or not, with a little bit of capital, you can. This strategy is what I like to call being an "acqui-entrepreneur" — in other w

How Business Owners are Leaving Money on the Table in Business Sales


When interviewing Cleveland Ohio business owners in preparation to market their business for sale, one major topic to discuss upfront is deal structure, more specifically, are they willing to finance any part of the sale? Most business owners respond they want an all-cash deal at closing. They want to cut the cord and be done. No more responsibility, no more problems, a clean break with no stri

The Growth of Business Amidst a Global Pandemic


The business landscape has changed over the last three years. Businesses, both big and small, have learned how to adapt in a global pandemic. As we enter year three, the world still seems a bit uncertain, but businesses continue to grow. The new ways in which we conduct business has allowed many new doors to open, and many to close. Those who have shifted business models have found solid ground ag

Should The Real Estate Sell With The Business?

Should The Real Estate Sell With The Business?

From IBBA's Spring Newsletter Written by Stacy Cadieux, CBI Business Transition Consultant There are many things to consider when selling your company, including whether to sell the real estate with the business. The business and the real estate are two separate assets; therefore, they should be considered separately. Today's market offers several options for aseller to maximize financial gain o

Will Anyone Want to Buy My Business?

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From Owner of Transworld Cleveland West, Michael Snider This is a question I get asked often from business owners, more specifically in the service business industry, and the short answer is yes. Of course, that is a conditional yes and we will dive into that later in the article. I think one of the reasons business owners are sometimes skeptical regarding the value of their business is because m

Finding the Right Business Broker For Your Business

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When it’s time to sell the first step is finding the right business broker. The fact is that no one knows more about your business than you. Another fact is that there is no one more capable of selling it than the right business broker.  You may know all the nuances of your business, after all you built it, and you run it. However, an experienced business broker knows the nuances of ho

Resource: IBBA Q4 Market Pulse Report

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At Transworld Cleveland West, we pride ourselves on staying closely connected to the "pulse" of the business brokerage market. One of our top resources we reference is the News section of the IBBA (International Business Brokers Association) website. Below is one of their most recent releases that will educate you on the ongoing pace of the M & A market.  National Survey: Intense M&A Pace Wi

How to Sell a Business

How to Sell a Business

Transworld Business Advisors Cleveland West – How to Get a Business Ready to Sell Selling a business can be very complicated, especially if you have never sold a business before. It requires a lot of thorough documentation, so if you are considering selling your business, you need to follow the checklist below to make sure you are doing your due diligence. To sell your business, you'll n

What is the Value of My Business?

What is the Value of My Business?

Transworld Business Advisors Cleveland West – What is the Value of My Business? What is My Business Worth? For most Main Street and Lower Middle Market businesses, a business broker can provide you an opinion of value for your business. There are a couple of different approaches to valuation.  Valuation Methods for Main Street and Lower Middle Market Businesses The first approach

Why Use a Business Broker to Sell a Business?

Why Use a Business Broker to Sell a Business?

Transworld Business Advisors Cleveland West – Why Do I Need a Business Broker to Sell My Business? Why Use a Business Broker to Sell a Business? Confidentiality  One of the main reasons to use a Transworld Business Broker to sell your business is confidentiality. When a business owner is thinking about selling their business, they can't just put a sign in front of their business, say