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OLD In the Community

The Charity Ascent & Junior Achievement of Rocky Mountain

On August 7th, 2015, Transworld hosted the first annual Charity Ascent and thus established an original tradition for their office as well as for Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain (JA). This unique fundraising event is the brainchild of Transworld’s management team, Jessica and Al Fialkovich. The event brings hikers and non-hikers together to ascend one of Colorado’s fourteeners, enjoy some friendly competition and get outside, all in the name of raising money for a good cause. The event benefits JA a non-profit that delivers work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy programs to more than 126,000 students in the Denver-metro area and at no cost to the schools.

Jessica began her relationship with JA as a volunteer for their Business Week, and her involvement has grown each year along with Al, who now sits on the JA board. As part of her role, Jessica works to increase awareness in two markets – small business and young professionals. It is these market segments that inspired the creation of the Charity Ascent. These key markets represent the future of JA and it is Transworld’s hope that by introducing intriguing events, like the Charity Ascent, they will encourage higher involvement in these areas. This younger involvement is significant to JA because many established non-profits need to address the issue of aging boards jeopardizing their long term future. By increasing involvement in younger generations, the Charity Ascent will hopefully ensure a stable future for JA and fun will be had in the meantime.

Transworld also supports the engagement of their team in philanthropic activities by associating Transworld’s corporate identity with JA. Each year Transworld donates a percentage of company profits to JA and encourages employees to commit to at least two days of volunteer work annually. It never fails that each year Transworld employees go above and beyond their two-day commitment and support regular activities and mentoring events for JA.

Transworld is grateful for the community they get to live and work in and truly believe it is important to give back to help that same community continue to flourish. For more information on Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain or the Charity Ascent please visit their website or if you would like to make a donation please do so here.