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Buying a Restaurant in Colorado

Buying an established restaurant is a great business opportunity that can minimize your risk and cash outlay, while maximizing your location opportunities, build out spend, and equipment affordability. In fact, buying a second-generation restaurant is one of the more common ways Transworld Business Advisors sees new entrepreneurs successfully build their business concept.


Transworld Business Advisors’ role is to help you identify restaurants for sale in Colorado and buy a business that is right for your strategic small business goals. Our Buyer FAQs page is a good place to begin the process of buying a restaurant business in Denver, Colorado.


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What are the benefits of buying a restaurant?

Established restaurants offer a number of benefits to the soon to be restaurateur that a new restaurant simply can’t provide from day one. These benefits to buying a restaurant include:

  1. A dependable model of business
  2. Cash flow coming into the restaurant
  3. A good location and lease in place
  4. A full space build out
  5. Kitchen equipment including hoods and grease traps
  6. Front of the house, kitchen, management, and wait staff
  7. A loyal base of customers
  8. A reputation in the community of service
  9. Restaurant brand awareness

Is it better to buy a franchise business?

Buying a restaurant franchise is a great way to break into the Denver, Colorado restaurant industry and offers the added safety net of franchise backed resources in marketing, advertising, training, and administrative support. Transworld has access to new franchise restaurant opportunities as well as restaurant franchise resale listing opportunities.


Is it better to buy an established business vs starting a restaurant from scratch?

Buying an established restaurant business provides a head start in comparison to starting up a restaurant, especially if you have limited cash for build out construction, your business concept isn’t unique, and you want to get your restaurant operation running quickly to bring in cash flow.


Is owning a restaurant a good investment?

Owning a restaurant is a good investment for people focused entrepreneurs who thrive on daily involvement, a fast-paced environment, and providing good service. Buying a restaurant offers the opportunity to build on a concept with a location, customers, and staff already in place.


Buying a restaurant is a more sound approach to becoming a restaurant owner, than starting one from scratch. Most startup restaurants fail within the first 5 years. However, when buying a restaurant therein lies the opportunity for an entrepreneur to benefit from the business having longevity in place already and other great benefits like positive cash flow, and customers.


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What are the keys to finding a restaurant for sale in Colorado?

Transworld Business Advisors has a proven process for buying a restaurant business in Colorado to help our buyers acquire a profitable restaurant business.

  1. Restaurant buyers will start by searching our restaurants for sale in Colorado.
  2. Once a good business opportunity is identified the buyer will inquire and speak with a business broker about the restaurant.
  3. If the discussion between the Colorado buyer and the broker goes well, the buyer will sign a non-disclosure agreement to receive an executive summary about the business.
  4. After reviewing the  restaurant’s executive summary, the buyer will meet with their business broker to identify next steps in a first meeting.
  5. A second meeting will take place between the buyer and seller of the restaurant to discuss company operations and tour the business.
  6. If the buyer is interested in buying the restaurant, they will submit a letter of intent which outlines the terms of due diligence and the purchase.
  7. If the business owner accepts the letter of intent, the closing timeline and due diligence period kicks off.
  8. To finalize the purchase, the buyer and seller will execute the asset purchase agreement and move into the training and transition period.

Selling a Colorado Restaurant Business

Selling your Colorado restaurant may sound like a difficult process, but with the expert business brokers at Transworld, we'll connect you with a buyer that fits your company and your goals. Learn more about selling a business in Colorado by visiting our Sell a Business service page.

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