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OLD The Prep to Sell Program

Our Prep to Sell Program is an innovative and proprietary array of proven consulting service methods focused on delivering on two primary goals.

  1. Improving your company’s financial performance, thereby enhancing its fair market value.
  2. To expertly advise the visionary entrepreneur in preparing their business for an acquisition while at the same time reducing potential buyer concerns.

The Top Benefits of our Program

  • Reduced Buyer Concerns: Our business consultants have solid transactional experience and will advise you on potential areas of buyer concern that can be planned for and eliminated prior to listing your business for sale, especially in the areas of operational organization, transition planning, and legal concerns.
  • Improved Financial Considerations: The consultant’s review may lead to areas of expense reduction and revenue improvement that will result in the enhanced value of your business, leading to an optimized return on your investment.
  • Transition Assistance: An appropriate and custom tailored transition plan will be developed for your business. Your transition plan will prepare your business to operate with less dependence on you, will expedite the transition to a new owner and most importantly will increase buyer attraction to your business.

The Program

Our Prep to Sell Program takes place over the course of twelve months starting at a rate of $5,000, for the one full year of consultatory support. During the program, business owners will work alongside a professional business broker working to take a deeper look at their business and identify areas in need of improvement. Starting with an initial business valuation, owners will receive access to exclusive content to guide and inspire them to lift their business to the next level. Throughout the year, owners will participate in milestone check-ins to review their program process and develop their next actionable steps. Our twelve-month program is designed to maximize your return on investment so you can feel confident in your future exit from your business.

What to Expect?

While enjoying our expert consulting services, you will learn more about maximizing the value of your business, addressing your books and records, identifying possible legal concerns, seller financing, preparing for a successful transition from an emotional and operational standpoint, improving revenue, your online reputation and much more. The topics Transworld has chosen to focus on will help you undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your business and pinpoint significant areas for improvement, allowing your business to reach its full potential before listing it for sale.

Is This Program a Fit for You & Your Business?

Like most services, our Prep to Sell Program is not a fit for every business. The Prep to Sell Program is designed for business owners that are one to three years away from selling their business. Most clients Transworld works with have built a strong, successful business but want to take it to the next level to maximize the value they can receive from a sale.

If you are interested in learning more about our Prep to Sell Program please schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our brokers.

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