I'm Ready to Sell, Where do I Start? Steps to Selling your Business

I'm Ready to Sell, Where do I Start? Steps to Selling your Business

Business owners are like a diamonds—no two are alike. The same holds true for why a business owner opts to sell their business. Each business owners’ reason for selling varies and will be based on a variety of calculations from preparing for retirement to wanting to start a new venture.

The process of deciding to sell can be difficult and drawn out. However, once the decision has been made, most business owners are ready to move ahead quickly. But what does that entail? Having expert brokers on your side can help you to navigate the sale process and avoid any potential pitfalls along the way.

The professional advisors at Transworld DFW Central are experienced in the sale of all kinds of businesses. They can help you with the sale of your company to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

How do you know it’s time to sell?

Not sure if the time is right for you to sell your business? If you have considered selling, but just aren’t sure, here are three main clues that you should seize your moment:

·         Is your industry in high demand currently? If your business is trending, it may be time to sell to maximize your profit potential.

·         Is your business very profitable and growing? If your company is financially strong, it will be more enticing to prospective buyers.

·         Are you ready for the next challenge or are you simply burnt out? No matter the state of your industry or your business if you are ready for your next stage of life—be that retirement or another business venture—it may be the right time to sell.

Steps to selling your business

Once you have made your decision about selling, there are three main steps you will go through: determining the value of your business, preparing your business for sale, and finding the right buyer.

Why is it important to determine the value of your business? For starters, if you don’t know your business’ value you won’t be able to decide if a buyer’s offer is reasonable, too low, or higher than expected.

Several aspects impact the value of your business. What is the size and variety of your customer base? Does your business have the benefit of a good location? Have you garnered goodwill from customers and the public? Finally, what has been the financial performance of your business, and what are its future growth prospects? The answers to these questions will decide the potential value of your business. Transworld’s business valuation calculator can also help you determine the value of your business.

The next step is to prepare your business for sale, which includes verifying that all your accounts, legal documents, etc. are in order. The other half of this step is to be aware of any potential deal breakers. If you do lack proper business records or show declining business performance, it can be a turnoff for many buyers. Prospects may also find your business less than appealing if it has any legal or tax issues or human resources concerns.

Lastly, it is vital that you find the right buyer. Properly vetting potential buyers is essential, something Transworld DFW Central is adept at managing. Additionally, it is essential for many businesses that news of their upcoming sale be kept confidential, so customers, suppliers, or employers aren’t upset. Again, Transworld DFW Central can aid in this. Finally, we are skilled at negotiating the best deal possible, managing the buyer’s expectations, and helping to coordinate all the steps needed to get you to the closing.

Transworld Business Advisors of DFW Central has a team of brokers with expertise selling businesses in a wide range of industries, as well as a proven process to match sellers with qualified buyers. We know that selling your business can be a lot of work, but with the right help to manage the process, the sale experience can be made much less stressful. Schedule a FREE consultation today with Transworld Business Advisors of DFW Central to get started.