How Much?

How Much?

How much is my business worth?  What is the valuation method for determining the value of my business?   These are all questions that any business owner is going to think about when contemplating a sale of their business.

In order to sell a business effectively, it is imporant to have accurate and up to date financial statements- corporate tax return, P&L statement, balance sheet, etc.  Without this information, how are buyers to know what the business might be worth, and entertain submitting an offer?

Transworld Business Advisors, can provide  sellers of businesses, a business owners valuation, which is multi weighted, extrapoliates specific industry data, looks at recent sales in the same industry, what the valuation method used, and other very important and relevant data that is industry specific.

The Business Owners Valuation, is a great first step for determining the value of your business, serves as an ideal resource for substantiating the asking price of the business to buyers, and can be used for at least a year, unless there is a dramatic change in revenue.   

Please contact us at 224-300-6420, for a confidential consultation, and mention- VALUATION to receive a 15% discount on the Business Owners Valuation!