Determining Business Value: 7 Business Evaluations and Appraisals

To sell your business, you must first find its value. What does this mean exactly? A business valuation is always the first step in a multi-step selling process, and yes, a business broker can assist - but what does it entail? Because no two businesses are identical, no one business valuation serves as one-size-fits-all. There are seven common business valuations to explore. Let’s take a loo

Small Business Owners are Wise to Plan Ahead

As a small business owner – especially one very content in their current state, it is very possible that the idea of selling could not be further from your mind. However, planning for what may come in the future has never hindered anyone. In fact, it may help you in the long run. There are certain measures you can be taking right now that do not add any major work but can be highly beneficia

What are common desires Houston buyers look for in buying a business?

With more and more businesses entering the market every day, it might be daunting to consider joining that number. However, now just might be the time for you to sell your Houston business. The question is, how do you set your business apart from the rest? To figure that out and do so intelligently, you need to consider what a buyer is looking for when buying a business. Once you understand these

How to Buy and Merge a Business?

A business merger is often compared to a marriage. Much like that romantic union, a business merger involves consolidating two companies into one. Often confused with an acquisition, a business merger is different because this scenario involves the creation of a new entity – while an acquisition is one company bringing another into its fold. Of course, there are a number of important questio

Conquer Your New Year's Resolution: 5 Steps to Prepare Your Houston Business for Sale in 2020

New Year’s resolutions are inspiring – they are a great way to start the new year on the right foot. Whether you are looking to get healthier or fitter, more educated or cultured, setting up personal goals is never a bad idea. That said, you can do the same for your business. As an entrepreneur or business owner, your 2020 goal might be to sell your business. If that is the case, consi

Is 2020 the Right Time to Sell your Business?

Houston has been seeing increasing economic growth throughout 2019 with projections of continued growth into 2020. With this strong economy, small businesses have been thriving - making it a great time to sell your Houston business. Without a doubt, your specific industry is going to affect how well your business will sell but the strong market in Houston makes 2020 a strong year to consider listi

Business is Thriving in Houston as the Fourth-Largest City

Houston is not only the fourth-largest city in the United States, but in recent years, it has also seen economic growth when not all the rest of the country has been so lucky. In fact, the city saw some of the nation’s sharpest declines in unemployment – creating nearly 80,000 jobs in recent years. Economists attribute some of this growth to the increase in demand for the production of

Confidential Evaluation

Business Evaluation – Confidential Evaluation  A business valuation is a process for determining the economic value of an owner’s interest in the business. In essence, it is the calculated cost of all tangible and intangible assets that provide an appropriate listing price when selling a business. The common question is, however, how does one do a business valuation?  As ex

Qualities of a Top Houston Business Broker

You have read numerous articles about selling your business. From determining your business’s value to learning how to market the sale properly, you dove deep into articles and whitepapers on the Internet to do it properly. That said, most articles probably share one common piece of advice: hire a business broker. The thing is, do you know how to find a business broker that will help you sel

Why Sellers Sell Existing Businesses

  There are a number of reasons why someone might decide to sell their business. No matter what, rarely is the decision an easy one. A business is a major investment – and not just financially. To build a business from the ground up, one must dedicate a lot of time and make significant sacrifices. However, the decision to sell does happen often, and a transition of power is very common

7 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Business

  One thing is determining the value of your business, it is another to maximize that value. When you want to sell your business at the highest fair price, it has to meet certain requirements. Preparing your business long before it is listed can absolutely make a difference when it comes to maximizing the value. When in doubt, work with a business advisor to adopt these business goals to max

How to Determine When is the Right Time to Sell

More often than not, the decision to sell your business comes from personal reasons more so than financial concerns. For instance, you might be looking to sell your business because you have lost passion for it or it is time to retire. That being said, the average timeline for selling a business is 6 to 9 months. This means that there is a right and wrong time to sell your business. When in doubt,

Why You Should Buy or Own a Business in Houston

Houston is home to some major names like Beyoncé, NASA, and President George W. Bush. This Texan city has been growing with no signs of slowing down. Ranked number 8 in the nation for small business growth, it actually leads the country in small business optimism. This optimism is for revenue, hiring, and business expansion due to the diversifying economy, which has become much less reliant

10 Questions Buyers Shouldn't be Afraid to Ask

The purchase of a business is a significant investment which should not be taken lightly. Therefore, you should understand the power and importance of asking the right questions before making a major decision. Here are 10 questions buyers shouldn’t be afraid to ask when buying a business. Why are you selling? It is not too much to ask to find out the owner’s motivation for the s

Transworld Business Advisors of Houston Sponsors Back to School Shopping Program

Transworld Business Advisors of Houston sponsors Back to School Shopping Program!  Houston Metro Fraternal Order of Police hosts the 2019 Annual Back to School Shopping Program.  The Houston Metro Area Police Foundation is a non-profit charity organization, founded by local police officers, working for the mutual benefit of Law Enforcement and the community. Since its inception, the

Why Sustainable Business Trends Are On The Rise

Studies show that consumers are becoming much more concerned with investing in eco-conscious businesses. In fact, trends show that 88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social and environmental issues. Furthermore, 87% are more likely to purchase a product with a social and environmental benefit. These statistics support the notion that businesses should do what they can t

5 Reasons Why Millennials Will Dominate the Market

Millennials are no longer the young, unemployed and underpaid generation. In fact, many millennials are well into their 30s and purchasing their first homes and starting families. Greater financial security and desires to settle down with roots have made millennials the key target audience for businesses across multiple industries. As an entrepreneur on the hunt for a new business, one should defi

Robert Latham Receives M&A Master Intermediary Designation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    M & A Source | 3525 Piedmont Road | Building 5, Suite 300 | Atlanta, GA 30305 | Phone 888-943-2966 | |   Robert Latham Receives Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary Designation   Atlanta, Georgia – July 15, 2019 – The M&A Source® announces it has conferred Robert Latham of Houston, Texas its

10 Important Business Trends

Small businesses should not ignore the trends that seem to be affecting larger corporations. In fact, keeping tabs on what works and what doesn’t can make a big difference in the success of your business this year and beyond. Whether you have a stand-alone storefront or are the owner of a franchise, these top 10 business trends are more accessible than you may believe. Millennial Consumer

How to Grow Your Business Giving Educational Lecture

As a business owner, you may pride yourself in being an expert in your industry. It should come as no surprise, after years of working with vendors and consumers, as well as dealing with the competitive market, that you have some advice to share to aspiring entrepreneurs. The best way to share your knowledge and expertise is by hosting an educational seminar. This gives you an optimal opportunity

IBBA Presents Brisson with Outstanding Producer Award

IBBA presents Brisson with Outstanding Producer Award (Houston, Texas) Gerald Brisson of Transworld Business Advisors of Houston is the recipient of the Outstanding Producer Award given out by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) during its annual conference in Orlando, Florida on May 11. The Outstanding Producer Award is awarded to applicants who closed one or more business tr

Obstacles Small Businesses Face and Solutions

Small businesses are essential for local culture and are a major part of communities of any size. However, with competition from large corporations who can afford to make their products and services more affordable for consumers, it’s sometimes tough to be a small business. There are 4 major challenges you may face as a small business owner but thankfully, there are solutions. Funding

Transworld Business Advisors Recognize Texas Brokers for Excellence

Transworld Business Advisors Recognize Texas Brokers for Excellence Gerald Brisson and Team Recognized in Three Categories WEST PALM BEACH, FL – (5/29/2019) - With 40 years of brokering business transactions, more than 215 of the most elite Transworld Business Advisors convened in Orlando, FL recently to share best practices of empowering the American Dream for business owners and recogn

Why You Should Buy or Sell a Small Business This Year

Projections indicate that 2019 and 2020 are the years to buy or sell a small business. This is due to the fact that the number of businesses sold annually has been continuously increasing for the last five years. From looming retirement to the current political atmosphere, America is seeing substantial growth for small businesses - benefiting both buyers and sellers. Baby Boomers Americans bor

7 Ways to Attract Buyers When Selling Your Business

While you may have taken all of the necessary steps to prepare your business for sale, like organizing financials and determining your business’s worth, there are still some valuable ways to attract the right buyers you should consider. When your business has taken years to build and make successful, it is important to put in the effort to ensure the sale is smooth and effective. Right bef

Understanding What Financing Options Exist When Buying an Existing Business

Finding the perfect business to purchase is not an easy feat. However, acquiring a loan to officially buy the business is often the most trying part. Before a bank approves a loan, you and the business have to meet some high standards. Since every case is as unique as the business itself, there are three main loans to consider when attempting to purchase an existing business. 1. SBA Loans SBA

5 Reasons Why Some Businesses Sell and Others Don't

The science of selling a business can appear daunting, especially when it is your first time. However, understanding why some businesses sell, while others do not, can help prepare you for your turn. From financial statements to listing price, every aspect of your business will be seen under a microscope before a buyer is willing to make a major investment. To fully grasp whether or not your bus

7 Easy & Inexpensive Tips to Grow Your Business

Growing your business should not feel daunting in the slightest and we understand that you don’t have a lot of money to spend when you are trying to grow your business. It is possible to grow a business inexpensively. With the following 7 easy and inexpensive tips, you can grow your business hassle-free.  1. Get Reviews! Studies have shown that 56% of consumers select a business bec

Reputation Management: The Impact of Online Reviews on the Sale of Your Business

Reputation is everything – this is not just true for individuals. A business’s reputation can make or break its success, as consumers are much more likely to spend their money on products and services they can trust. When the time comes to sell your business, consider searching the web to find out what customers have been saying. Positive Reviews It is difficult and unwise to disre

Preparing to Sell: Franchise Resale

In 2018, there were just shy of 760,000 franchises in the United States alone. This rapid growth rate of 1.9% increased the employment rate in franchising by 3.7% adding 8.1 million workers.    When a small business begins to do well in its local neighborhood, a business owner may find that franchising is the appropriate next entrepreneurial step. That being said, as the owner of a fr

Why Now is the Right Time to Buy a Business

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you may have reached the point when you are trying to decide between starting your very own business or purchasing one. There are a number of reasons to start fresh, but arguably, there are even more reasons to buy an existing business. From retiring Baby Boomers to greater diversity in business ownership, there are several arguments for why now is the right time to

Preparing to Sell: Manufacturing Business

A manufacturing business is formally defined as any business that uses components, parts, or raw materials to make a finished product. These products can either be sold directly to consumers or to other manufacturing businesses that use them to make another product. With both a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) aspect, this type of business has a diverse customer base. To

Why Now is the Right Time to Sell a Business

According to BizBuySell, the selling price for small businesses sold in Q3 this year was up 10.7% from the same time last year. With the US economic outlook as healthy as ever, this is proving to be a great time to sell a business. In fact, the US’s gross domestic product (GDP) rate, which measures the market value of all final goods and services, is expected to remain at the ideal range of

Preparing to Sell: Bar/Night Club

With millions of Americans currently above 18 and 21, it is no wonder the nightclub and bar industry is growing exponentially every year. In fact, the industry reached 23.15 billion US dollars in 2015, seeing its greatest growth following the mid-1990s. This sector includes bars, pubs, lounges, taverns, and nightclubs - defined as establishments that sell alcoholic beverages for immediate on-site

5 Factors to Consider When Planning Your Exit Strategy

Much like building a business has several moving parts and difficult moments, so does preparing your business for a sale. When you have decided to sell, it is crucial to begin immediately preparing a succession plan. A good plan requires careful persistence and a full-proof strategy. An experienced business broker will help you organize your thoughts and intentions; they will guide you through the

Preparing to Sell: Gym/Fitness Center

A gym or fitness center is not unlike other businesses with a product to sell - a membership in exchange for the ability to use the facilities makes it a popular and lucrative industry. If you are the owner of one or multiple franchised fitness centers and are looking to sell, here are a number of factors to consider in preparation. Business Valuation & Determining a Selling Price First and fore

Advantages of Purchasing a Business vs. Starting Own Company

A business is like a child - it takes passion and countless hours of dedication to nurture it into something successful. The fact is, a business is a manifestation of your passions and aspirations. That being said, with countless small businesses opening daily, it is difficult to guarantee that your business will stand the test of time. However, you do not need to put your entrepreneurial dreams o

Preparing to Sell: Electronics/Technology Company

With technology continuously evolving and improving, there is always room for growth. For instance, software development shows high job growth of 30.7% annually – the highest in the industry. Employees at these companies have a median salary of $100,000, which is considerably higher than the national average. Considering the fact that this is only one facet of a multi-faceted industry, the e

How to Valuate Your Company's Worth

In order to sell your business, you must first determine its worth. What will be your asking price? How is this price calculated? Do you have supporting documentation for the price?  The factors surrounding your business’s value can be as simple as your annual profits to as complex as its overall market standing for the industry. There are a number of ways to determine your company&rsqu

Preparing to Sell: Oil Company

The oil and gas industry is an incredibly lucrative source of employment and contributor to the national GDP. In fact, it is considered the biggest sector in the world in terms of dollar value because it generates billions globally. This is due, in large part, to the fact that it is a highly necessary energy resource with an estimated 30 billion barrels consumed around the world each year. Althou

7 Helpful Ways to Decide If It's Time to Sell Your Company

You have poured your life into your business, growing it from the bottom up, nurturing it all the way. Your idea has turned into a tangible, lucrative project that not only affected your life but that of your employees and customers. However, after a dream has turned into a reality, there is hard work and persistence involved. There comes a time when a business owner may need or want to sell to ei

Preparing to Sell: Home Construction Company

The residential construction industry was worth 600 billion dollars in 2016 with projections of continued growth in coming years. Whether you own multiple rental properties, are a new homeowner or are moving into a larger house as your family grows and needs more space, chances are you have called a home improvement company for one service or another. Whether it is roofing, flooring, plumbing or p

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Business

Once you have come to the decision to buy a business, you may be both excited and anxious about the next steps. Once you have chosen the industry and perhaps even the type of business, there are a number of items to review as you move forward in the process. Here are 5 factors to consider before buying a business: 1. Business Valuation Before anything else, it is important to determine if the li

Bobbie Coffey - Success Story

Congratulations Bobbi!  Transworld is pleased to announce the success of Transworld of Houston's newest agent, Bobbi Coffey, for securing 16 listings in her first three weeks! Bobbi came to training school this June and hit the ground running. Of these 16 listings, two of them include a $4.5 million staffing company and a $1.8 million medical practice.  Bobbi returned from t

Preparing to Sell: Home Services Business

A home services business involves a business that, as the name suggests, provides a service in residential homes. From plumbing and landscaping, to flooring and painting, experts in home repair and improvement can create a business around their specific set of skills. Buying an existing business, rather than starting your own business, can be beneficial in both the short and long term. This can be

Is Your Business Ready for Sale?

Coming to the decision to sell your business comes with time and likely a lot of deliberation. Once that decision has been made – whether you’ve come to it with a desire to pursue new endeavors or retire after years of hard work - it is time to determine if your business is ready for the sale. Transworld Business Advisors of Houston has a checklist every business owner should consider

Preparing to Sell: Medical Practice

Selling your medical practice is much like selling any business. There are steps that need to be taken to prepare the business for a sale and many things to consider once the business is finally on the market. First and foremost, it is important to consult with professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience selling businesses in the medical industry. Working with experienced appraisers,

5 Advantages of Franchising Your Business

The decision to franchise your business is not one you come to lightly. However, it may be the perfect way to grow a business that is doing well locally. Expanding to new locations can mean more than literal growth, it can mean endless opportunities for yourself and your employees. Here are five advantages to note when deciding whether or not franchising is right for you. 1. Cost-effective Growth

Selling Your Business: Using a Business Broker vs. Selling by Owner

You have come to the decision that it is time to sell your business. We understand that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into growing it. Furthermore, the decision to sell can come from a multitude of personal and business-driven reasons. That being said, you would not have come to this decision unless you felt like it was the best move for yourself and your business. Now that you’ve ma

Preparing to Sell: Daycare or Pre-School Facility

If you are considering selling your Houston area daycare or pre-school center, there are certain measures to be taken as you prepare to list and sell the business. You may choose to save a little money and sell on your own, but there is value in seeking professional help from brokers, lawyers, and appraisers to ensure you are getting the most for your business. In the US, there is a large demand

Tips for Franchising Your Business

Your business is successful and continues to grow. That’s great news! But, what is your next move? You may be limiting your growth by staying as one independent store. Perhaps you like the idea of opening another store in your hometown but don’t know if that’s a good idea. Maybe you’ve even had the idea to expand to multiple locations in your state but don’t know wher

Preparing to Sell: Education Center

Now is a great time to sell your education center. The industry is thriving, so there will likely be many potential buyers for your business. A Gallup Poll survey conducted in August 2017 showed that Americans rate private education centers significantly higher than other types of schools. The survey of 1,017 US adults aged 18 and older found that 71% of participants regarded independent educati

How to Keep Your Business Sale Confidential

Many business owners who try to sell their own businesses in the Houston area have found it challenging to keep the potential sale confidential. However, keeping the fact that your business is for sale quiet is extremely important for many reasons. For example, if customers know your business is for sale, they may consider moving their account to your competition out of concern that they will not

Preparing to Sell a Retail Store

If you are preparing to sell a retail store, now is a good time to do it. U.S. retail sales rose 0.4% in December 2017 and were up 5.5% year-over-year, according to the US Census Bureau’s January 2018 report. The monthly increases were due to a 1.2% increase in building materials sales and online transactions. However, grocery sales rose 0.7% and furniture sales rose 2.5%, while electronics

Preparing Your Business for Sale

Once you have decided to sell your company, there are several steps you need to take to prepare your business for sale. First, you need to understand what it is worth within the context of your industry and the market for businesses like yours. Start by gathering all of the pertinent financial documents, including: Three Years of Audited Financial Reports Five Years of Auditor’s Letter

Are You Ready to Sell Your Business? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

Have you been thinking about selling your business? There are many reasons for wanting to sell your business . . . you may be tired of working long hours, it may be time to retire, or maybe you want to explore new opportunities. Whatever the reason, selling your business is not a decision to take lightly. Make sure selling your business is the right decision for you and your business at this time.

Preparing to Sell: Lawn/Landscaping Business

Are you considering selling your lawn or landscaping business? Landscaping services reported 78 billion dollars in revenue in 2016. 80% of contractors described the industry as very healthy. Despite an intense year full of forest fires and hurricanes, 86% of all new, old, large and small landscaping businesses across the United States turned a profit in 2016. Between the landscaping industry&rsquo

While Using a Business Broker, Here’s What You Can do to Help Sell Your Business

Business brokers are responsible for helping business owners sell their businesses and help potential business owners find a business to purchase that fits their needs and wants. Brokers are responsible for evaluating businesses and providing business valuations, establishing listing prices, screening potential buyers, and working with other professionals involved with the sale such as lawyers and

Preparing to Sell: Restaurants

Between long business hours, dealings with employees and vendors, and the overall work culture, the restaurant industry is like no other industry. Similarly, selling a restaurant entails unique challenges and steps that other businesses do not necessarily have to worry about. However, this doesn’t mean selling your restaurant is impossible, as the industry shows signs of good health and in

Steps to Take Prior to Selling Your Business

There are several reasons to sell a business. Some business owners find themselves in over their heads, others may find themselves drawn to new ventures and yet others may be ready for retirement. Have you considered selling your business? Look at our tips on steps you should take before making the decision to sell your business. Step 1: Why do you want to sell? First, determine your reasons t

Preparing to Sell: Automotive Business

Are you considering selling your automotive business? Selling a business is complicated and often overwhelming if you’re tackling this alone. Finding a broker who understands the ins and outs of automotive businesses is even harder. Transworld Business Advisors of Houston has successfully sold a variety of automotive businesses and is home to many experienced advisors that

Thinking of Selling Your Business? Know It's Worth

Have you decided to sell your business? Not sure how much your business is worth? Deciding to sell your business is a big step, don’t take it alone. Our brokers at Transworld Business Advisors of Houston will happily perform a business valuation report for your business. What does this mean? This means that our experts will look at a variety of contributing factors when it comes

How to Sell Your Business: A Basic Guide as Told by Transworld Business Advisors of Houston

The experts at Transworld Business Advisors of Houston can assist sellers in the sale of their business. Our proven 10-step process has successfully sold hundreds of businesses. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible price for your business for you, leaving you time to take care of the things that matter most to you. There are several benefits to using a business broker when selling y

Transworld Business Advisors Donates 10K to Harvey Relief Efforts

Gerry Brisson, President of Transworld Business Brokers of Houston and Brian Bray Senior Business Advisor based in Corpus Christi presented this contribution to Chief Steve Simms and Assistant Roy Laird at the Rockport Fire Department.   Hurricane Harvey was a catastrophic flood disaster in southeast Texas dropping 40-61 inches of rainfall in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. Ha

3 Tips on Preparing Your Business for Sale

1. Reduce or eliminate owner dependence. The less important you are to your business, the more marketable your business will be. Businesses that are dependent on the owner are tough to sell. Buyers love businesses where the owner plays a very limited role. 2. Increase recurring revenue as a percentage of total revenue. The more long term contracts you have in place, the more valuable

Manufacturing Plant Sold to International Buyer

Have you ever considered selling or buying a business in the Houston area? Transworld Business Advisors of Houston (TBAH) is the city’s number one business broker for a reason. Their team of experienced business brokers has a combined 270+ years of experience in business sales, personal business ownership, and more. Their local buyer database consists of over 10,000 qualified Houston buyers

As the Seller: How to Determine the Right Broker

The best business brokers add value to the sale of your business by providing you with the resources you need to locate and vet potential buyers. While many business brokers may say they have the ability to do this, there are several ways you can quantify whether they are likely to deliver on the promise: Check their industry credentials – Brokers should be members in good standing

Buying or Selling a Business in Houston: Know Your Economy and Major Industries

Looking to buy or sell a business in Houston? Transworld Business Advisors of Houston has you covered. Our experienced professionals know about Houston’s major industries which will help you when making a purchase or sale decision. Houston By the Numbers Houston’s mix of international appeal and Southern charm have captured the attention of corporations and entr

Houston's Industry Spotlight: Day Cares

Transworld Business Advisors of Houston is active in all industries, from services to manufacturing. Child care, including day cares and learning centers, is a business industry in which many have sought to purchase or sell. Child care is a hugely important part of American life and a key contributor to the economy. According to First Research, the US child care services industry includes

Ready to Sell Your Houston Based Business? A Seller's Checklist

If you have decided that selling your Houston-based business is the right exit strategy, you will want to make sure that you understand the steps involved in the process. These include having a good understanding of why you’re selling, the timing of your sale, your business valuation, what financial statements are required, the process of finding a qualified buyer, and how you plan to sell y