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At Transworld Business Advisors of Knoxville and Chattanooga, our unofficial motto is to do “good deals for good people.”

We've been lucky to serve a number of individuals and family-owned companies that have made it easy for us to follow that motto. Here are just a few success stories from our team of business brokers.


I have known Doug for almost 10 years and have also talked with many others who have worked with or for Doug in the past. The message is consistent in that he is a top notch individual with high ethics and morals in all aspects of his life, a man that can be trusted to treat people with respect and conduct business dealings fairly.”

Jim E.


I have had the privilege of working with Doug Kose on several transactions, and I can honestly say, he is one of the very best business brokers out there. Not only is he exceptionally good at pairing buyers and sellers together -- he is extremely ethical and does everything by the book. I cannot recommend him more highly!

Knoxville Business Attorney


I highly recommend Transworld and Doug Kose. Doug guided me through the entire process of selling my business from start to finish. I really appreciated the amount of communication and advice I received throughout the process. If your looking to sell a business or buy one then Doug and Transworld is the way to go!

Daniel R., Client Sold His Business


Buying or selling a business for most is a one time occurrence and can be fraught with anxiety and worry that you are doing the right thing and getting the best deal. One way to reduce this is to seek professional advice when buying or selling your business. Doug Kose with Transworld Business Advisors of Knoxville is an outstanding professional and should be your first call. Doug will walk you through the process so that you be be confident that every aspect of the business deal is covered. Not only that but you can be assured that the life altering transaction will be handled in a professional manner.

Karl L., Business Coach and Former Business Broker


We listed and sold our restaurant business within 90 days! Doug Kose with Transworld Business Advisors of Knoxville is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with selling a business. When the time comes to sell your business you will want a team with the knowledge and expertise to get the deal done. Doug Kose with Transworld Business Advisors of Knoxville, is such a team and will help you to achieve it!

Ron P., Client Sold His Business


In talking to clients who may be looking to sell their business, I often had no idea where to send them until I met Doug and learned all about what he and his team do at Transworld Business Advisors. He's a person that I trust will take care of clients with integrity and that they will walk away from their experience with him feeling satisfied and cared for throughout the selling/purchasing process.

Ryan M., Commercial Real Estate Agent

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