Danvers, MA Is an Eventful City

Danvers, MA Is Full of Festivals

Danvers hosts some of the most exciting events and festivals for you. There is always something for you to keep you glued on the chair or rise to the occasion and dance your problems away. These events are always inclusive and are suitable for people of all ages with select events that take place at night, totally ideal for kids. Here are some of the exciting annual events that take place in the city. Further facts about Danvers, MA can be found here.

Danvers Family Festival

Danvers Family festival is a historical event that has been taking place annually. Just as the name suggests, this family event is suitable for you and the young ones. It features a lot of activities from live music concerts, dances with a blend of food from all over the world. Attend this event with your family to watch live music performances with beautifully set backstages. Information about Danvers, MA Is A Sports Town can be found here.


Music Festivals


Nearly all events and festivals taking place in Danvers involve music. There is a long list of these kinds of events taking place yearly or even monthly. These festivals feature live music performances, with all manner of food and live DJ shows to entertain you across the town. Riverfest Seaside Music Festival is one of the many events in the long list for you to attend for fun.