Is Danvers the Best Neighborhood for Artists?

What You Should Know About Danvers

Danvers is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts. The city is located on the Danvers River near the northeastern Massachusetts coast. Danvers covers an approximate area of 14-square miles with a population of about 30,000 people. The Ipswich River borders the town to the west and the Putnamville Reservoir to the north. A bigger portion of the population in Danvers is whites; however, African Americans and other races form a significant part of the population. Due to the cultural diversity, Danvers is home to some of the best artists in Massachusetts. The artists display information about the neighborhood through paintings, sculpting, among other forms of art. Here are some popular art galleries that you can visit while in Danvers. See more here.


The Picture Store

Established in 1987, The Picture Store provides the most artistic picture frames in Danvers. The institution is renowned for creating the best frames for photos in museums and other galleries. While visiting The Picture Store, you can buy a custom picture frame. Click here to read about Enjoy the Best Outdoor Experience in Essex.


The Kensington-Stobart Gallery

This art gallery specializes in paintings. Enjoy special moments in this gallery as you go through paintings collected from as far as the 18th century. The Kensington-Stobart Gallery also displays a selection of paintings from local artists.




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